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Roel Meeus

Member State governance of the autonomy they traditionally enjoy regarding the enforcement of EU law. Both the EU legislator and the European Coun of Justice take steps to 'fill in the gaps' and develop sanctioning requirements to improve Member State enforcement of EU (environmental) law. These

Anthony Valcke

the Enforcement of EU Law (Oxford, Oxford University Press), p. 1–30, at p. 2; O. Treib (2014) ‘Implementing and Complying with EU Governance Outputs’, Living Reviews in European Governance 9(1), p. 19–20, . 19 Article 288

Infringement Proceedings as a Legal Device for the Enforcement of eu law on the Environment, using Swedish Wolf Management as an Example  270 Jan Darpö Judicial Protection against Plans and Programmes Affecting the Environment: A Backdoor Solution to Get an Answer from Luxembourg

Service Provision and Migration

EU and WTO Service Trade Liberalization and Their Impact on Dutch and UK Immigration Rules


Simon J. Tans

This book investigates how liberalization of service provision related to movement of natural persons takes shape within EU and WTO law. It provides an overview and analysis of the implementation of the identified obligations derived from EU law and the GATS in the Dutch legal order and that of the United Kingdom. A thorough investigation of the chosen strategies in each legal order is provided, including a comparison of the differences and similarities between these strategies. The resulting overview leads to insight into the tension that exists between the international obligations related to service mobility of the two investigated states on the one hand, and their migration law and access to the labour market legislation on the other.


Elisa Ravasi

the “primacy, unity and effectiveness of eu law” 7 ensuring that mutual trust between Member States in the enforcement of eu law is not undermined 8 and that neither the preliminary ruling system (Art. 267 tfeu ) nor the eu internal dispute resolution mechanism (Art. 344 tfeu ) will be

Jan Ceyssens

control by the EP was indirect. The main responsibility for ensuring that its water poli- cy was compatible with EU environmental law lay with Spain. Yet the EP exercised its control only indirectly, focussing on the European Commission's powers in the enforcement of EU law and in the implementation of EU

Estella Baker

Area of Freedom, Security and Justice post-Lisbon’ in S. Drake and M. Smith (eds), New Directions in Effective Enforcement of EU Law (Edward Elgar, 2016). 29 While the ideas in this section are my own, they have been influenced by contributions to the De Montfort University Jean Monnet Centre of


Edited by Jannemieke Ouwerkerk, Judit Altena, Jacob Öberg and Samuli Miettinen

serious crime [2002] OJ L 63/1. 8 See Environmental Crimes (n 2), paras 19–21, 26–27; Case C- 440/05 Commission v Council (Ship-Source Pollution) [2007] ECR I-09097, paras 24–25, 28–39. The idea that the effective enforcement of EU law would require criminal sanctions had been proposed earlier by

The Commission: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing?

On Infringement Proceedings as a Legal Device for the Enforcement of eu Law on the Environment, Using Swedish Wolf Management as an Example

Jan Darpö

proceedings represents an important means of accomplishing common responsibilities. But, as is shown in the Swedish wolf case, this instrument is highly political and therefore dependent upon other priorities than enforcement of eu law. This is also one of the main reasons why it is crucial to strengthen

Christoph Sobotta

-193/07 R Commission v Poland ; of 24 April 2008 in Case C-76/08 R Commission v Malta , as well as the critical analysis by Hedemann-Robinson , Enforcement of EU law and the Role of Interim Relief Measures, [2010] European Energy and Environmental Law Review 204, and Wennerås , The Enforcement