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the [epistemic] balance of power,” to help bring awareness of the epistemic inequality in the discipline and its causes. How do literary epistemologies cross borders (or not)? What are the dynamics of their circulation? What are the obstacles they encounter? And what are the political, economic

In: Journal of World Literature

allegations, especially as they started to provoke scrutiny of patterns. 26 The rage is, I think, best explained as a reaction to the destabilization of a reality that conceals epistemic inequality, moral corruption and so delusionary justifications and entitlements. As Kavanaugh’s high school and college

In: Culture and Dialogue

, conceptions of open access also have been subject to critical analysis. Global South scholars, most notably, have highlighted how alienation and epistemic inequality arise from narrow, Global North-centric conceptions of open access ( Czerniewicz, 2013 ), for example: … a conception of open access that is

In: Open(ing) Education

notion of peerhood is compatible with significant epistemic inequalities, both with regard to training and qualifications and with regard to expertise on different topics. What makes it plausible for us to regard each other as peers with regard to claims about fundamental moral and/or religious truths is

In: Journal of Moral Philosophy

changes to the traditional epistemic inequality between men and women. Data from a corpus of recorded lectures also form the basis of Contact and Ideology in a Multilingual Community: Yiddish and Hebrew among the Ultra-Orthodox , Assouline’s (2017) recent book about the impact of language ideology on

In: Journal of Jewish Languages

between locals (be that an association, municipality, or reindeer herder’s cooperative) are not negotiations between equals. In addition to the unequal political and economic weight and capacities of the different parties, at stake is also epistemic inequality between experts and those with no prior

In: Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic