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Everyday Stalinism II
Parts I & II

Includes both Everyday Stalinism collections published to date:
Part I, and
Part II.
Research Dialogs consists of books written for undergraduate and graduate students of science education, teachers, parents, policy makers, and the public at large. Research Dialogs bridge theory, research, and the practice of science education. Books in the series focus on what we know about key topics in science education – including, teaching, connecting the learning of science to the culture of students, emotions and the learning of science, labs, field trips, involving parents, science and everyday life, scientific literacy, including the latest technologies to facilitate science learning, expanding the roles of students, after school programs, museums and science, doing dissections, etc.
Editor: Kevin Ingram
Converso and Morisco are the terms applied to those Jews and Muslims who converted to Christianity in large numbers and usually under duress in late Medieval Spain. Converso and Morisco Studies, a peer reviewed book series, will examine the implications of these mass conversions, for the converts themselves, for their heirs (also referred to as Conversos and Moriscos) and for medieval and modern Spanish culture. In examining the Conversos’ and Moriscos’ engagement with Christianity and the dominant, Old-Christian culture, the series will also reflect upon the broader issues of identity, community violence, religious intolerance, everyday resistance, and otherness in an early-modern environment.
Editors: Huaiyin Li and Chongqing Wu
How have the historical experiences and legacies of the communist revolution before 1949 and socialism under Mao influenced the course of reform and development in China since the 1980s? And how do Chinese intellectuals reexamine the aspects and trajectories of socialism and reform in China and reinterpret the links and discontinuities between them? The Rethinking Socialism and Reform in China series presents the most innovative studies in English translation by leading Chinese scholars, which have been originally published by Open Times ( Kaifang shidai), one of the most influential journals in China that appeals to both academics and the general public. The planned volumes of the series cover a variety of themes ranging from the communist revolution, social control and mobilization, and everyday power relations in Maoist China, to economic change, governance and resistance, gender, ethnicity, and cultural issues in recent decades.