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H. T. Hassan, M. A. Khokher and N. Ahmed

con- taining interleukin-3 in accelerating platelet recovery after radiotherapy-induced myelosuppression, enhancing G-CSF-mobilisation of CD34 positive cells for transplantation and increasing the ex-vivo expansion of myeloid and megakaryocytic progenitor cells. More randomised controlled clinical tri

Luca Kormos, Sándor Valent, Laszlo Gopcsa, Katalin Pálóczi, Melinda Hajdu and Nóra Regéczy

. Assessment of the current procedures of collection, manipulation, and ex vivo expansion of cord blood cells in terms of their effect on telomere shortening might be important. Key words : Cord blood; telomere length;  ow-FISH. INTRODUCTION Prior to mitotic cell division, all cellular DNA is duplicated by

ex vivo expansion of stem / progenitor cells, myeloprotection and enhancement of homing efficiency are outlined. All other chapters deal with cytokine treatment in specific medical set- tings. Chapter 2, written by J. Nemunaitis, deals with graft failures in stem-cell transplantation and the

Susanne Braun, Helmut H. Gerhartz and Helga M. Schmetzer

) have been demonstrated to be also capable of stimulating leukemic cell growth [17, 41]. Recombinant human SCF — alone or in combination with other cytokines — can be used for the ex vivo expansion of stem cells [14]. Cytokine combinations like ‘Cytok1’ and ‘Cytok2’ are known to enrich hematopoetic stem

Katalin Pálóczi, Ferenc Uher, Virág Vas and Melinda Hajdu

aggregates (referred to as neurospheres) and they retain both pluripotency and a normal karyotype after 178 V. Vas et al. serial passaging. It is possible that the cellular fates generated by adult neural stem cells are restricted because of the limitation by the cerebral environment and ex vivo

Sara Gerke and Shaun D. Pattinson

Xenogeneic Cell-Based Medicinal Products’, emea / chmp / cpwp /83508/2009, 22 October 2009, p. 4; supra note 72, p. 598; S.M. Sharma et al., ‘Comparative Analysis of Human-Derived Feeder Layers with 3T3 Fibroblasts for the Ex Vivo Expansion of Human Limbal and Oral Epithelium’, Stem Cell Reviews and