influencing this fake document were not themselves “fake.” Fake news, in the form we are witnessing it now, represents a novel challenge for the professional historian. In this space I will briefly survey a cultural phenomenon in American popular media that complicates how the historical Jesus is received

In: Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus
This edited collection is not a response to the 2016 United States Presidential Election so much as it is a response to the issues highlighted through that single event and since when incredibly smart, sophisticated, and intelligent members of our society were confused by misinformation campaigns. While media literacy and critical media literacy are ideas with long histories in formal education, including K-12 students and higher education, the need for increased attention to these issues has never reached a flash point like the present. The essays collected here are confrontations of post-truth, fake news, mainstream media, and traditional approaches to formal schooling. But there are no simple answers or quick fixes. Critical media literacy, we argue here, may well be the only thing between a free people and their freedom.
Author: Julie Frechette

fake news” have prompted educational and governmental organizations to reignite full-scale campaigns to promote media literacy. Groups from pbs to Common Sense Media and have created online curricula for educators, librarians, and parents to promote lessons about fact-checking and

In: The International Journal of Critical Media Literacy

möglichst breites Publikum erreicht wird, um die entsprechenden Medienprodukte zu verkaufen. Diese strukturellen Bedingungen sorgen jedoch nicht dafür, dass die Verbreitung von ›Fake News‹ automatisch zunimmt oder gar legitimiert werden kann. Vielmehr sollten Medienbetriebe ein Interesse daran haben, dass

In: Vierteljahrsschrift für wissenschaftliche Pädagogik
Author: DeJanay Booth

Facebook post on his page, criticizing the newspaper and our content selection, alleging that we were refusing to listen to his pitch. That post was met with additional angry people, stabbing at the newsroom and accusing us of only reporting “fake news.” That two-word phrase is just as easy for people to

In: Critical Storytelling in Urban Education
Author: Bonnie Roos

limitations facing those who hoped to represent it. Its documentation was suspect because partisan, like much of the ‘fake news’ we see today, leaving it effectively invisible – a truth whose source cannot be determined. The news recorded at the moment, and in the Famine’s aftermath, suggest a society, much

In: Green Matters
Author: Max Bader

abroad. 2 And while disinformation in elections is often associated with the phenomenon of ‘fake news’, other forms of disinformation including misleading polls and false claims by election monitors should also be regarded as important forms of disinformation in elections. The growing impact of

In: Security and Human Rights
Authors: Ana Cruz and Joachim Dorsch

platforms. At a time of instant spreading of disinformation, fake news, alternative facts, intentional production of ignorance, and loss of digital privacy, we need educated citizens with the analytical skills and agency in order to effectively change these trends in a modern digitally networked society

In: The International Journal of Critical Media Literacy

mandatory subject for 5th and 9th grades caught our attention. The initiator of this proposal argues that ‘the development of the fake news phenomenon generates a crisis for contemporary society and threatens the proper functioning of liberal democracies’ and claims that it is useful for young people to be

In: Education beyond Crisis
Author: Rob Williams

even reverse reality—think “war is peace,” or “ignorance is strength.” Post-2016 election, the term “fake news” is the latest phrase to capture what is an age-old phenomenon—namely, how powerful state and corporate actors work together to deploy news and information designed to distract and disorient

In: Critical Media Literacy and Fake News in Post-Truth America