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Simon Gathercole

Introduction 1 One of the many controverted matters in the study of the gospels has been the antiquity of their titles and attributions. 2 The subject of this present article is one of the most neglected pieces of evidence in this area, namely an early “flyleaf” on which the title “Gospel

Mariengof, Anatoliĭ,1897-1962.

Publisher's device on fly-leaf.


Francisco José Álvarez López

After the reformation of the old houses at Jarrow and Wearmouth, Bishop William of St Calais decided to bring some Benedictine monks from these sites to replace the secular community at Durham. He did so in 1083 and with them he sent a collection of more than forty books as a gift to the new community. A list of all these volumes can still be read in a flyleaf of the Bible he included in his gift. Among the books recorded there, scholars have commonly identified the Martyrologium et regula which concludes the list with DCL, BIV, 24. The fact that two of the main items in this codex are a martyrology and a bilingual copy of the Rule of St Benedict seems to indicate that this is the book found in the original list. Nevertheless, other possibilities have also been examined.

The manuscript itself contains a remarkable number of items composed and written at different times and, indeed, in different places.

In this paper, I will study the main palaeographical and codicological features of this tenth-century manuscript, paying special attention to the Old English copy of the RSB, its possible origin and provenance, and its relation to the original translation of the Latin Regula, probably made by Æthelwold.

Mīrzā Ǧān al-Bāġandī, Ḥabīb Allāh, ?-994/1586

: laid paper with watermarks; script: nasẖī; ink: black; headings in red ink; flyleaf

Ḥalīmī, Luṭf Allāh ibn Yūsuf,d. 1494 or 5.

Incomplete and undated copy of an Arabic-Persian dictionary. Luṭfullāh b. Ebī Yūsuf wrote under the pen-name of Ḥalīmī. A longer title is written in the verso side of the first flyleaf: Kitāb Muṣarriḥat al-asmā’ fī bayān al-luġāt al-‘Arabīya. P. Voorhoeve, Handlist of Arabic

Bouvet, Joachim,1656-1730.

On the last page it states that Bouvet transferred his publication rights to Estienne Michallet, Imprimeur Ordinaire du Roy. A MSS note on the fly-leaf adds that the original titlepage bore the name of Michallet, the new titlepage replaced it. Biography of the emperor K'ang-hsi (1662-1722). Lust, J

Aṭah'lī, Muṣṭafā ibn Ḥamza, 11th/17th c., | Aḥsanḥawī,ʿAlī ibn Muḥammad al-, copyist and | Ğurğānī,ʿAlī ibn Muḥammad al-Sayyid al-Šarīf al-740-816/1340-1413

-muṭālaʿa) <br>- On the last flyleaf Ottoman Turkish notes <br>- GAL II, 441; GAL S II, 656; Kaḥḥāla III, 863 <br>- Microfilmed. A. 5808/II <br>- The manuscript was in the ownership of Murād Ḫudābanda (stamp on the first flyleaf), and was purchased by the Library from Rafael Danglmajer in 1950 <br>- Full leather


<br>- The text starts with the end of the chapter entitled "al-ǧumla al-ḫāmisa" <br>- Marginal notes in Arabic in black ink <br>- On the verso of the first flyleaf two lines of a poem in Persian <br>- GAL II, 24; GAL S II, 18 <br>- Microfilmed. A. 5802/II <br>- The manuscript was in the ownership

Isfarāyīnī, Tāğ al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-, ?-684/1285 and | Ibn Ibrāhīm, Ibrāhīm ibn Yūsuf, copyist

; ink: black; headings in red ink. Flyleaf.

Birkawī, Muḥammad ibn Pīr ʿAlī al-, 929-981/1523-1573 and | Dâvud Şükrî, Yûsuf Efendi Ağazâde, copyist

blue paper <br>- The manuscript was in the ownership of Rašīd ʿAbduh and Rızā bey (stamps and inscription on penultimate flyleaf) and was purchased by the Library from Rafael Danglmajer in 1950 <br>- Old repairs on fols. 2-4 <br>- The manuscript is incomplete at the end; fol. 5 is damaged