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Author: Simone Dossi

Since 2011, Myanmar has made headlines around the world both for its domestic political transition and for its evolving foreign policy posture. Based on the 2008 Constitution, political power was transferred in March 2011 from the military junta to a nominally civilian government. In April 2012

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 1: Reference Works, Bibliographies, Overviews, and Syntheses | Historical Overviews authorEditors of the Foreign Policy AssociationimprintNew York: William Morrow, 1975.annotationThis is a selection of about 200 cartoons drawn from American newspapers with short

In: The SHAFR Guide Online
Author: Jean Crombois

1 Introduction * There is no doubt that the Russian-Ukrainian crisis following the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol constituted the first major test for post- nato and post-EU accession Bulgaria’s foreign policy ( Dimitrov and Mihaylova, 2017 ). As such, this also makes it

In: Southeastern Europe

. However, little attention is paid in practice towards the implications of a weak/absent monopoly on violence for foreign policy making. This article aims to fill this gap by exploring the topic in the context of post-2001 Afghanistan. That the Afghan state was unable to reclaim the monopoly on

In: Central Asian Affairs
From Conception to Diplomatic Practice
Author: Ernest Petrič
Foreign Policy: From Conception to Diplomatic Practice represents an original and important contribution to the study of foreign policy, uniquely framed by the experiences of small and new countries. Ambassador Ernest Petrič artfully brings together academic expertise and years of diplomatic experience to provide a thorough treatment of national and international environments, the foreign policy decision making process and an original analysis of the means of foreign policy and diplomacy. The role of the United Nations, the EU, strategic actors and the role of foreign policy as a diplomatic instrument are examined. Finally a reflection of the foreign policy concerns of small and new countries, with special attention to Slovenia and legal aspects are offered.

Foreign Policy: From Conception through Diplomatic Practice successfully integrates scholarly theory with empirical evidence. The book's clear and evocative style will appeal to foreign policy professionals, academics and students of diplomacy, international relations and international law.