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Author: Brandon Warmke

In his paper, “The Paradox of Forgiveness,” Leo Zaibert defends the novel and interesting claim that to forgive is deliberately to refuse to punish. 1 I argue that this is mistaken. 1. Zaibert on Forgiveness Sometimes we forgive others for their actions (or omissions, or consequences of

In: Journal of Moral Philosophy
Author: Dion Forster

1 Introduction In this article we aim to show that there is a logic underlying the complex, and even conflicting, views of forgiveness among Black and White South Africans. This logic is characterised as a social imagination of forgiveness that draws upon individual identity and political

In: Journal of Empirical Theology
Contrasting Approaches to Concepts of Forgiveness and Revenge
Demands for forgiveness, even in the face of horrific crimes, were common to the late twentieth century and remain critical aspirations for persons and communities in the early twenty-first century. Research on forgiveness and revenge has nevertheless revealed that many people hold divergent moral and pragmatic beliefs about forgiving, and most survivors express longstanding skepticism about when forgiveness is appropriate and when it is not. By taking an interdisciplinary approach to these issues, the current volume considers the complexities of forgiveness and revenge in the modern world. The chapters address some of the most critical inquiries today: How is forgiveness facilitated or obstructed? What is the role of truth, restitution, reparation or retribution? When is forgiveness without restitution appropriate? Is forgiveness in the true sense of the term even possible? Through empirical, theoretical and literary analyses, this volume addresses the power of revenge and forgiveness in human affairs and offers a unique outlook on the benefits of interdisciplinary discussions for enhancing forgiveness and deterring revenge in multiple aspects of human life.

survivors find a way of not only transcending the pain, but also of forgiving their perpetrators. How does one let go of the resentment and pain that result from such an incomprehensible act of evil? How is forgiveness possible when, as social psychologist and researcher Assumpta Mugiraneza said, they are

In: Perspectives on Evil
Author: Robert Vosloo

Introduction: Forgiveness as a Contested Notion in South African Public Discourse On 2 February 1990 the State President at the time, F.W. de Klerk, delivered his famous speech in which he announced the lifting of the ban on political organizations such as the African National Congress ( anc

In: International Journal of Public Theology
Author: Lyndon Drake

1 Introduction The forgiveness petition of the Lord’s Prayer includes the condition that the petitioner must forgive their own “debtors.” I will argue that the historical Jesus chose the terminology of debt in order to enjoin his followers to forgive monetary debts, as well as sins, and that

In: Novum Testamentum