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1 Introduction The foster family care system in the Arab Republic of Egypt ( are ) is legalized by two acts: the Foster Family Care Act of 1968 and the Foster Family Care Act of 1996. 1 Both acts regulate the structure and function of the Egyptian foster family system and define the goals of

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, care and guardianship, to foster families or an orphanage of a family type. If there is no possibility to take a child to a foster family, care and guardianship agencies put him to one of the children’s institutions (orphanage, boarding school etc.). New legislation of Ukraine foresees creation of a

In: The International Journal of Children's Rights

to a program of broad service to all children in need in Korea. The program of foster family care started by ISS is both a demonstration of a better method of orphan care and a way 40. Pettiss to Files, 6 June 1958, ibid., box 10, file “Children Independent Adop- tion Schemes—Holt, Harry 1958–59, Vol

In: Journal of American-East Asian Relations
Author: Thomas Waldock

” in McKenzie B. , Current Perspectives on Foster Family Care for Children and Youth ( Toronto : Wall and Emerson , 1994 ): 84 – 100 . Leira A. , “ Updating the ‘Gender Contract’? Childcare Reforms in the Nordic Countries in the 1990s ”, nora , 2 ( 10 ) ( 2002

In: The International Journal of Children's Rights

importance of fostering family care partnerships for promoting healing and enabling wellbeing. This introduction reveals literature as exposing just how ill-equipped families and close friends can be to care for someone with a serious health condition; how much emotional, financial, and social support they

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