A.M. POLZONETTI-MAGNI, S. Kikuyama, G. Mosconi and K. Yamamoto

PLASMA PROLACTIN LEVELS RELATED TO CHANGES OF SALINITY IN THE GREEN WATER FROG, RANA ESCULENTA by G. MOSCONI1, K. YAMAMOTO2, S. KIKUYAMA2 and A.M. POLZONETTI- MAGNI1* (1 Department of Biology (MCA), University of Camerino, Italy, 2 Department of Biology, School of Education, Waseda University

Jacques Froger

LA CRITIQUE DES TEXTES ET L'ORDINATEUR PAR DOM JACQUES FROGER La critique des textes precede logiquement leur interpretation et toutes les etudes auxquelles on peut les soumettre. En effet, la premiere condition pour scruter la pensee d'un auteur, c'est de posseder ses oeuvres dans leur purete

I. V. Ryzhova and G. N. Andrianov

Prim. Sensory Neuron , Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 167 – 175 (1997) Ó VSP 1997. Opioid peptides may modulate afferent synaptic transmission in the frog semicircular canal G. N. ANDRIANOV ∗ and I. V. RYZHOVA Laboratory of Physiology of Reception , Pavlov Institute of Physiology , Russian Academy of

Valentina Rovelli, Aritz Ruiz-González, Leonardo Vignoli, Daniele Macale, Vincenzo Buono, Francesca Davoli, David R. Vieites, Nadav Pezaro and Ettore Randi

large genomes (Chen et al., 2013), we explored the value of GBS as a method for generating SNP data for the Sardinian brook salamander [ Euproctus platycephalus (Gravenhorst, 1829)] and the Italian stream frog ( Rana italica Dubois, 1987), two species endemic to Italy with restricted distributions and

Hünemörder, Christian (Hamburg)

(βάτραχος/bátrachos, Ionian βάθρακος/bátrakos, βρόταχος/brótachos, Lat. rana) is the collective name for frog amphibians (βατράχων γένος; batráchōn génos, Aristot. Hist. an. 7(8),2,589a 28f.) comprising the genuine frog species and the toad species. [German version] The genuine frog species include

Julian Dring

Some new frogs from Sarawak Julian Dring 22 Fryston Avenue, Croydon CRO 7HL, England. Abstract. Four new frogs are described from the Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak: Ansonia torrentis and Pelophryne api (Bufonidae), Kalophrynus nubicola (Microhylidae), and Rhacophorus kajau (Rhaco- phoridae

Trevor J.C. Beebee and Inga Zeisset

RAPD identification of north European water frogs Inga Zeisset, Trevor J.C. Beebee School of Biology, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QG, UK e-mail: T.J.C.Beebee@sussex.ac.uk Abstract. A technique for the identification of north European water frogs (Rana lessonae, R. ridibunda and

Günter Gollmann and Walter Hödl

Distress Calls in Neotropical Frogs Walter Hödl, Günter Gollmann Institut für Zoologie der Universität Wien, Althanstr. 14, A-1090 Wien, Austria Abstract. Large neotropical hylid and leptodactylid frogs frequently emit loud distress calls under hand held conditions. In spite of remarkable

K. Brändle and Gy. Lázár

Hygrotactic orientation of frogs in the laboratory Gy. Lázár1, K. Brändle2 1Department of Anatomy, University Medical School of Pécs, H-7643 Pécs, Hungary 2 Zoologische Institut, J.W. Goethe-Universität, Siesmayerstrasse 70, D-6000 Frankfurt/Main 11, Germany Abstract. The ability of green frogs

Per Lundberg and Johan Elmberg

Navigation in breeding-migrating common frogs Rana temporaria: a simple translocation experiment Johan Elmberg', Per Lundberg2 Abstract. The breeding migration of common frogs was studied during one spring. Frogs displaced during migration navigated successfully towards their breeding pond