Takashi Yamamoto, Akinori Takahashi, Katsufumi Sato, Nariko Oka, Maki Yamamoto and Philip N. Trathan

seabird that breeds in south-east Asia (Oka, 2004 ). Our previous study examined the migratory behaviour of streaked shearwaters using light-based geolocators, and showed three distinct wintering areas during non-breeding period: the seas off northern New Guinea, Arafura Sea and South China Sea (Yamamoto

Jill L. Robinson and Ian Lawrence Jones

performance of tagged (fitted with a geolocator) and untagged (no geolocator) individuals captured from nesting crevices located throughout the study area at Main Talus. During the early brooding period (0–4 days after hatch; Knudtson et al., 1982 ), one pair member only was removed from crevices for tag

Hannah D. Zimmerman, Scott M. Ramsay, Veronica Mesias, Marcelo Mora, Brent W. Murray and Ken A. Otter

nuttalli males. This has led to nuttalli males singing dialects of pugetensis birds (Baptista, 1977 ). Current evidence from geolocator studies (K.A. Otter & S.M. Ramsay, unpublished data) suggests that birds breeding in north-central BC have mixed-wintering populations, with some birds wintering in

Holly F. Goyert

tracked using geolocators . — Waterbirds 34 : 32 - 39 . Nisbet I.C.T. Spendelow J.A. ( 1999 ). Contribution of research to management and recovery of the roseate tern: review of a twelve-year project . — Waterbirds 22 : 239 - 252 . Orians G.H. Pearson N