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James Strzok S.J.

valley and that is stored in the lava of active or dormant volcanoes, however, is only just beginning to be tapped as a source of green geothermal energy by companies in the region, such as Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen). This energy source, almost unlimited in supply, holds immense

Marcelo del Castillo-Mussot, Pablo Ugalde-Véle, Jorge Antonio Montemayor-Aldrete, Alfredo de la Lama-García and Fidel Cruz

fracturing rocks (to obtain a productive gas well) are carcinogenic for human beings. Geothermal energy : This comes from primordial energy of planetary accretion and radioactive decay of materials that exist in regions near the center of the Earth. Until recently, geothermal power systems have exploited


Nicole Hirt

geothermal energy. In July, it secured a $ 27 m grant from the Kuwait Development Fund for its Gale-Le-Koma geothermal project near Lake Assal, with a capacity of 15 MW . It was planned that the Djiboutian Geothermal Energy Development Office should carry out the construction work, which was seen as a

Jerry Harris

produced, based on how much investment various technologies and energy resources demand. Their somewhat surprising conclusion is that the best road forward is geothermal energy, which they argue is both economical and feasible. This year’s proceeding offer a wide ranging but focused effort to explore

Balazs Reiniger

which 5o km3 is exploitable. Thermal energy stored in thermal waters is worth mention- ing, and could be used as a renewable source of energy in future years. There have been several attempts to survey the geothermal energy assets of Hungary but the esti- mated values differ greatly. The most widespread

geothermal energy is incorporated. Mere mention of the 20 page reference list may serve to characterize the scope of this paper. L. V. Shannon & S. C. Pillar present part III of their series on "The Benguela ecosystem", which treats the plankton. An article with the status of a monograph, and which results

R. H. Charlier

(also on land and sea) which provide, each, 1011 w. Ocean currents and tides add another 1010 w and so does geothermal energy, on land and sea. There are also waves and surface agitation caused by wind. In each instance the ocean is a potential major provider of harnessable energy. Thus, the oceans can

Korir Sing'Oei

energy sources to drive Kenya’s quest for an industrial economy, has identifi ed L. Bogoria as an important site for geothermal energy production. Th e Endorois community does not expect to benefi t from the project, because the experience in neighbouring Olkaria is similar: there geothermal energy has


Simon Massey

in food processing had been revitalised. However, potentially the most significant development in the energy sector was the announcement of confident forecasts for the exploitation of geothermal energy from the Karthala volcano on Ngazidja. The positive outcome of the initial exploration phase of

Falk Huettmann

region. However, several projects have been outlined and await further decisions. Geothermal energy is widely discussed in geological- ly active zones such as Kamchatka, Sakhalin and on the Kurile Islands. Kamchatka has already received such projects and they pose environmental impact issues. Large wind