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Author: Tony Smith
Part One of this book examines the social-state, neoliberal, catalytic-state, and democratic-cosmopolitan models of globalisation. Each necessarily tends to function in a manner contradicting essential claims made by its leading advocates. This “immanent contradiction” provides a theoretical warrant for moving to a new position, addressing the shortcomings of the previous framework. The first three chapters of Part Two are devoted to a Marxian model of capitalist globalisation, in which the irresolvable contradictions and social antagonisms of the capitalist global order are explicitly recognised. The final chapter is devoted to a Marxian model of socialist globalisation, in which those contradictions and antagonisms are overcome, bringing the systematic dialectic of globalisation to a close.
Papers written for the Commission on Global Governance
Issues on Global Governance contains the Expert Papers of the Commission on Global Governance. The Commission is concerned primarily with furthering global cooperation (i.e. coordinated multilateral action) to `meet the challenge of securing peace, achieving sustainable development and universalizing democracy'. The Expert Papers have been written especially for the Commission's Working Groups (One: Global Values; Two: Security; Three: Development; Four: Governance) by authorities in the field (viz. Abi-Saab, Galtung, Haas).
Publication of the Global Studies Directory represents an unprecedented project in world practice. Based on the professional assessment by a large international team of experts, the Directory offers information on the most well-known scholars, political and public figures who have made outstanding contributions to the establishment and development of global studies or made a fundamental impact on the formation of global world. The Directory also contains comprehensive information about organizations, periodicals and special literature of direct relevance to the theory and practice of globalization and fully demonstrates the state of affairs in the field of study on a global level. This project is a continuation of many years of research which first resulted in the publication of the Global Studies Encyclopedic Dictionary, the companion publication to the Directory.