Aboriginal communities in the state. It was during this time that I was conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Wirrimanu (Balgo), an Aboriginal community in the Great Sandy Desert. During the height of this existential threat for Aboriginal communities, I collaborated on a video project about hand signs with

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, the excess of the signified; in Derrida, the excess of the signifier. On the one hand, signs are fulfilled with significations in order to reach the sovereignty and overflow of the absolute knowledge. On the other hand, signs are emptied because of an excess of polysemia; nothing is ever defmitively

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children and adults. Johanna Mesch and Lars Wallin, ‘Gloss Annotations in the Swedish Sign Language Corpus’, International Journal of Corpus Linguistics , 20:102–120, proposes a glossing and annotation system for the SSLC , comprised of 33,600 tokens of both one- and two-handed signs. The authors have

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, hand- signed by the artist, several questions arise. Has Masiutin illustrated Pushkin or his own worldview? One will look in vain for Pushkin's tongue-in-cheek humor, for the lightness of his verse, and for the clever combination of comic and tragic elements. Masiutin's graphic narrative is essentially

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an effort after his hand-sign had been carved beside the text that he was to copy. He had the letters already pres- ent there to copy. Even if he did not know how to write, or how to write Hebrew, the letters referring to him were present before him to be copied. The suggestion here then is that he

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always talking about itself, and 98 Jessie was a skilled listener and observer. She knew how to interpret tracks, too. She knew who made what track, and she knew when and why those tracks were made, and where the animal was likely to be now. With a few hand signs she would organise the kids to circle

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there is no meaning in bayān other than the meaning they believe is in head and eye gestures, and what they find in script or numeric hand signs. He [the representative of this group] says: “It [ bayān ] consists of declarative, interrogative, command, and prohibition, and for each of these is a

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,” Culture and Cosmos 11, no. 1–2 (2007): 229–260; Robert Hand, “Signs as Houses (Places) in Ancient Astrology,” Culture and Cosmos 11, no. 1–2 (2007): 135–162. 25 Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, The Daimon in Hellenistic Astrology: Origins and Influence (Leiden: Brill, 2016).

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deaf people’, 60 which represents a clear statement verbally expressed. To recognize such hand-signing is one of the ways through which justice can be established in human activities. As custom, whichever way a signing deaf person expresses his mind or thoughts, sign language is also recognized by law

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: RoutledgeCurzon . Keiko , Mitamura . 2002 . “ Daoist Hand Signs and Buddhist Mudras .” In Daoist Identity: History, Lineage, and Ritual , edited by Livia Kohn and Harold D. Roth , 235 – 255 . Honolulu : University of Hawai’i Press . Kieschnick , John . 1997 . The Eminent Monk: Buddhist

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