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Shiran Ben-Zeev, Jajaw Bimro, Vered Barak and Yehoshua Saranga

animal feed. The overall objective of this research was to examine the potential of tef as a new grain crop in Israel and adapt it to cultivation under modern mechanized agricultural practices. Here we report on the genetic diversity and heritability in a tef germplasm collection characterized under

Ary Hoffmann and Vanessa Kellermann

.W. 1994. Species borders—ecological and evolutionary perspectives. Trends. Ecol. Evol. 9: 223-227. Hoffmann, A.A., Merila, J. 1999. Heritable variation and evolution under favorable and unfavorable conditions. Trends. Ecol. Evol. 14: 96-101. Hoffmann, A., Parsons, P.A. 1991. Evolutionary

Bálint Üveges, Bálint Halpern, Tamás Péchy, János Posta and István Komlósi

and Peterson ( 2002 ). They pointed out that amongst other concerns, littermates were treated independently, and thus genetic relationships could not be taken into consideration. Here we present a different approach. Our goal in this study was to estimate heritability values (h 2 ) of head scales by

C. Mollema

HERITABILITY ESTIMATES OF HOST SELECTION BEHAVIOUR BY THE DROSOPHILA PARASITOID ASOBARA TABIDA by C. MOLLEMA 1,2 (1. Department of Population Biology, University of Leiden, P. O. Box 9516, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands) (2. Present address: DLO-Centre for Plant Breeding and Reproduction

Marcus W. Feldman, Freddy B. Christiansen and Sarah P. Otto

demographic evolution of son preference and marriage type in contemporary China . Biol Theory 6 : 272 – 282 . Furrow RE , Christiansen FB , Feldman MW . 2011 . Environment-sensitive epigenetics and the heritability of complex diseases . Genetics 189 : 1377 – 1387 . Furrow RE , Feldman

Roberto Sacchi, Marco Mangiacotti, Stefano Scali, Michele Ghitti, Beatrice Bindolini and Marco A.L. Zuffi

Introduction Natural selection drives adaptive processes by selecting individual phenotypes (Darwin, 1859). The base for this mechanism to work is the availability of genetic variation for the selected trait. Since the genetically determined (i.e., heritable) part of the observed phenotypic

Nanette Hope Sumaya, Sitaram Aryal, Bart Vandenbossche, Mike Barg, Verena Doerfler, Olaf Strauch, Carlos Molina and Ralf-Udo Ehlers

’s HSD test at P ⩽ 0 . 05 . The relationships between oxidative stress, longevity, the influence of storage temperature and persistence were assessed using the Pearson correlation test at P ⩽ 0 . 05 . Heritability is defined as the proportion of phenotypic variance due to additive effects of genes

Fernando Martínez-Freiría and Xavier Santos

implies heritability of this character. Heritability has been demonstrated in some morphological and ecological attributes of snake species (Arnold and Benett, 1984 ; Arnold, 1988 ; Garland, Bennett and Daniels, 1990 ; King and Lawson, 1997 ; Brown and Shine, 2006 , 2007 ). As far as we know, no


(L.) (Homoptera: Cercopidae) in England and Wales. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B 351: 69–89. Mousseau, T.A. and Roff, D.A. 1989. Geographic variability in the incidence and heritability of wing dimorphism in the striped ground cricket, Allonemobius fasciatus. Heredity 62: 315

Diane J. Austin-Broos

Argues that Jamaican notions of 'race' and 'class' can be rendered as a discourse of heritable biological and environmental identity. There has been a movement in the meaning of colour categories from an emphasis on biology, to a greater emphasis on environment. This transition has been encouraged by the emergence of class as a 20th-c. idiom.