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Conservative Inclusivity and Hierarchical Diversity

Chinese dakwah and the Paradoxes of Indonesian Religious Pluralism

Wai Weng Hew

interpretation of Islamic teachings or to serve certain political agenda. I propose to understand such dynamics as forms of conservative inclusivity and hierarchical diversity. The challenge of religious pluralism in Indonesia today is less about the rejection of diversity among conservative Muslims, but more

Yanyan Ji and Yanjun Zhang

rates in the past, the reform underlines that senior high schools are to improve the quality of Chinese citizenry. At the same time, the reform increases the selectivity of subjects, and enhances the hierarchy, diversity and selectivity of subjects through multiple modules, so as to meet the needs of

Martin Ramstedt

essay, “Conservative Inclusivity and Hierarchical Diversity: Chinese Dakwah and the Paradoxes of Indonesian Religious Pluralism,” discusses the possibilities, limits, and challenges of Indonesian pluralism from yet another angle. Zooming in on an analysis of Chinese Muslim proselytising ( dakwah

Science, Race, and Empire

Ethnography in Vienna before 1918

Andre Gingrich

wider public: these publication channels did not quite tune in to the same type of aggressive chorus on racial superiority and inferiority. Czoernig’s Ethnographic Atlas of the Imperial and Royal Monarchy of the 1870s, for instance, delivered an overall characterization of hierarchical diversity plus


Jim Glassman

willingness to pull a recalcitrant population along for the Vietnam War effort. All the same, the conference and the trips that were part of it signified a unity in this hierarchical diversity, with all of the leadership groups affirming a commitment to the Vietnam War effort and the forms of security and