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Eugen Zeleňák

Frank Ankersmit, Meaning, Truth, and Reference in Historical Representation (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2012; Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2012), 264 pp., ISBN 978-90-5867-914-7 The latest book of Frank Ankersmit is an excellent example of an attempt to examine distinctive

Chiel van den Akker

’s understanding of aesthetics as a general theory of representation 13 is not self-evident. Others would say that aesthetics is the theory of taste, or opt for yet another definition. Nevertheless, this leaves his claim that historical representation precedes ethics intact, and that is our concern here. To know

Eugen Zeleňák

, ideological or some other endeavors. In this paper I look at the historical representation as a symbol , in the sense Nelson Goodman uses this notion when he discusses how pictures, texts or other labels participate in various sorts of symbolization. I apply some of his observations – made chiefly in the

Marek Tamm and Eugen Zeleňák

occasions he presents his work simply as “an attempt to translate the historicist theory of historical representation into a more contemporary philosophical idiom.” 11 Ankersmit likes to emphasize that historicism is the only genuine historical theory that has been developed by historians about history

Frank Ankersmit

‘aspects of the past’ (or by what is ‘presented’, or ‘revealed’ of the past thanks to the representation). Actually, this sums up quite nicely how I think of historical representation. My last book was, basically, an attempt to elaborate in a technically responsible way this idea into a philosophy of

Jaap den Hollander

this proposal a threat to the autonomy of their discipline. On the contrary, I shall argue that any theory of social evolution requires the instruments of historical representation. The first section gives a short introduction to the contemporary debate on evolution. The second section summarizes the

Daniel Fairbrother

is on the way. But none of Ankersmit’s books since Narrative Logic have sustained an explicitly Leibnizian position for very long, and the formulae-heavy style has not been repeated. A monadological theory of literary realism is offered in Historical Representation . 13 The four references to

Rafael Rodríguez

inherited features of the tradition and of the past itself in order to present Jesus anew. But rather than avail ourselves of John’s historical representation, we have too often used “Johannine theology” or the history of the “Johannine community” as an excuse to dehistoricize John, to read him as if he

Frank Ankersmit

succeed in doing fully justice to the discipline. At this level we shall find the strong individuals we met in scholasticism and in Leibniz. For it is true of the historical text – which I shall henceforward refer to as ‘historical representation’ (HR) – that they are individuated by all of the

Victoria Nolte

. Figure 5 Ali Kazimi, scene from Fair Play, 2014, stereoscopic 3D video, 7 minutes, dimensions variable. Affect, according to historian Mark Phillips, is one part of a heuristic of historical representation “motivated less by the need to plot the sequence of events than by questions