Elham Fallah Manshadi and Afrooz Fallah Manshadi

phenomenon could provide a comprehensive view about the process. One of the effects of globalization is on the housing in global cities or cities that want to be global. These influences could be analyzed in social, economic, cultural, and physical dimensions. In the social dimension we could note


Chunling Li, Xuehong Li and Haijuan Li

arduous and long process to realize this goal. Some people even believe that they have a slim chance of achieving this goal. Undoubtedly, the housing problem is a main source of pressure and worry for today’s Chinese young people. High housing and rent prices, the sense of wandering stemming from the lack

Dina Sharipova

A good flat is one of the scarcest commodities and to get it quickly you must be well connected. Informal networks continue to play an important role in the lives of citizens in Kazakhstan. People use informal connections to gain access to valuable goods and services, including housing

Patrick Daly, Patrick Daly and Caroline Brassard

Introduction This paper discusses aid governance, accountability and participatory approaches in the post-tsunami housing sector in Aceh, Indonesia. One of the central concerns highlighted during the needs assessments conducted immediately after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was

Stephan Kitzbichler

-dwellers (people or families who lived in a multi-family dwelling at the time of the Tsunami). Despite the considerable aid, the massive reconstruction effort faced major obstacles. Whereas the involvement of aid agencies in non-permanent settlement solutions such as transitional and temporary housing, and even

Juliana Maxim

rapid industrialization, central planning, and a smoldering housing crisis; a middle period—the 1960s and early 1970s—of relative stability and prosperity, during which architectural practice and construction hummed along together with a dramatic economic and demographic expansion; and, from the late

Protecting the Home and Adequate Housing

Living in a Caravan or Trailer as a Human Right

Yvonne Donders

trailer parks. The Dutch government abolished in 1999 its special policy for trailer park residents, instead treating them as ‘ordinary’ citizens and ‘normalizing’ their housing situation. Several municipalities have since then applied phasing out or extinction policies for trailer parks by dismantling

Alfred Evans

the current question of the renovation of housing in Moscow. The Plan for Resettlement in Moscow Generates Controversy Since February 2017 there has been a heated debate about the demolition of Khrushchev-era apartments in Moscow. The debate erupted when Sergei Sobianin, the Mayor of Moscow

Rob Hornsby

. Steven E. Harris, Communism on Tomorrow Street: Mass Housing and Everyday Life after Stalin (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013), 416 pp., $60.00 (hb), isbn 9781421405667. Neringa Klumbyte and Gulnaz Sharafutdinova, eds., Soviet Society in the Era of Late Socialism, 1964

Emerging Adulthood Transitions in Japan

The Role of Marriage and Housing Careers

Richard Ronald and Misa Izuhara

impact on the formation of couples and rates of marriage. As family formation declined, so to have conventional transitions into independent living and through housing careers to eventual home ownership. The Japanese case, however, does not simply parallel shifts in transition patterns observed in