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communities, these measures do not always provide sufficient protection 6 in practice. 7 Given the importance of the rights guaranteed to indigenous peoples, this article examines the process and possibilities of integrating human rights impact assessments ( hria s) in existing impact assessment

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

the possible obligation to include human rights impact assessment as an integral aspect of agreements with third states. For years, the EU has been developing what it calls Social Impact Assessments ( sia ), based on social and environmental questions and the tendency to include such clauses in

In: International Human Rights Law Review
Author: Monica Den Boer

—certainly when it concerns the widespread introduction of preventive-security logic. Alternative ways to monitor include giving continued structural attention to ex ante human-rights impact assessments and a more explicit emphasis on regular external evaluations on human rights compliance ex post facto . In

In: Security and Human Rights
Human Rights in International Economic Law and Policy
Author: Heejin Kim
In Regime Accommodation in International Law: Human Rights in International Economic Law and Policy, Heejin Kim analyses the ways in which international human rights and economic law interact and conflict across a range of complex issues. These sub-branches of international law are not entirely autonomous; as the author shows, they have been developed in a close relation to each other. International law – imperfect as it is – provides means to resolve the antinomies arising from conflicting rights and obligations under these sub-fields. Against the difficulties of addressing non-economic concerns including human rights in the practice of WTO and foreign investment regime, Kim examines how decision-makers at different stages of international economic policy-making can accommodate, invoke, or reflect human rights in a better way.

Human Rights Impact Assessment in Licensing Processes  302 Kamrul Hossain and Anna Petrétei Monitoring Accountability for un Peacekeeping under iccpr  341 Erika Nakamura Race to End Poverty? The Roles of Ethnicity and International Economic Law in the

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

on how to achieve that are unfortunately outside the scope of the book. Alongside a growing number of activists, scholars and experts, Joseph calls for ex ante human rights impact assessments which would help States take into account their human rights obligations, including extra

In: International Human Rights Law Review

some form of human rights impact assessment which this change has opened. Thus the text does not deal with the multitude of radical proposals, ranging from those suggesting that the World Bank and the IMF should abolish themselves, or those proposing that the 'Bretton Woods sisters' should join into

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

regime consolidation, prolongs disrespect for human rights and increases the likelihood of gross violations of human rights. This is what statistics seem to suggest. 3 Unless lending decisions are subjected to human rights impact assessments, appropriately targeted or mitigated by contractual measures

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade

standards, for example, through design and supervision of indicators and guidelines in due diligence processes; conducting fact-finding missions and human rights impact assessments that are accessible to, and involve the free and meaningful participation of, affected groups; intervention in judicial

In: Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law

) break new ground in showing how human rights can be instrumental in addressing health-related concerns. An interesting example concerns the ‘Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment’ ( ehria ) of Aberdeen City Council (Scotland), which assesses the impact of the Council’s policies, procedures and

In: European Journal of Health Law