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diagnosis of and response to the specter of the Anthropocene, what they ultimately debate is the meaning of being human and the possibility of human flourishing on damaged planet. That Bonneuil conspicuously overlooks religion makes clear that the Anthropocene discourse is decidedly secular; religion is not

In: Journal of the Philosophy of History
Essays in Honor of Siegfried Wiessner
This rich volume is an homage to the significant impact Professor Siegfried Wiessner has had on scholarship and practice in many areas of international and domestic law. Reflecting the depth and breadth of his writings, it is a collection of thought-provoking, original essays, exploring topics as diverse as theory about law, human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, the rule of law, constitutional law, the rights of migrants, international investment law and arbitration, space law, the use of force, and many more, all integrated by the problem- and policy-oriented framework of what has come to be known as the New Haven School. Its title “Human Flourishing: The End of Law” reflects the conviction that the purpose of law ought to be to allow humans to achieve their full potential - to thrive and develop, both materially and spiritually, under the law. The volume contributes to a vision of the law as a public order in which the common interest is clarified and implemented peacefully, and offers a source of inspiration for scholars and practitioners working towards such an order of human dignity.

The Christian Scriptures present an idealized vision for human flourishing that includes material and economic justice, as well as relational, spiritual wholeness. This binds Christians to a non-negotiable responsibility to work to prevent and alleviate poverty as an act of participation in God

In: International Journal of Public Theology