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Maria Giovanna Pietropaolo

* The article is a revisited version of the paper ‘Humanitarian Assistance from the Standpoint of the Human Rights of Disaster Affected Individuals: Present and Future Perspectives’ awarded the 2013 Henry Dunant Research Prize. The author would like to thank Anna Benedetti and Ezequiel Heffes for

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Dug Cubie

The multiplicity of potential sources of information and authoritative statements that plagues so many aspects of international law is no less prevalent in humanitarian responses. Indeed, the international framework surrounding the provision of humanitarian assistance 2 and the protection of persons

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Brigit Toebes

1. Introduction The environment in which humanitarian assistance is provided has changed dramatically over the past decades. While most conflicts taking place in the world today are of a non-international character, there has also been a significant increase in the number of people in need of

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India, R2P and Humanitarian Assistance

A Case of Norm Containment

Urvashi Aneja

provision of humanitarian assistance in political emergencies originate in the 1949 Geneva Conventions and 1977 Additional Protocols, and are further institutionalized through the policies and practices of the International Committee of the Red Cross ( icrc ). 3 Humanitarian assistance as per the Geneva

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The us Humanitarian Assistance Facilitation Act

Maintaining Humanitarian Space in us Legislation

Antonio Galli

measures are particularly significant given that currently the us is both one of the key driving forces behind global counter-terrorism efforts as well as the largest single state donor of humanitarian assistance. In November 2013, House Resolution 3526 was introduced, known as the Humanitarian

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International Humanitarian Assistance

Disaster Relief Actions in International Law and Organization

P. Macalister-Smith

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Non-State Actors and the Evolution of Humanitarian Norms

Implications of the Sphere Charter in Health and Nutrition Relief

Shahla Ali and Tom Kabau

need for a common set of standards and guiding principles for humanitarian health assistance. Although States bear primary responsibility for providing humanitarian assistance in the health and nutrition sector, in recent years, non-State actors have become significant participants and recognized the

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Emilie E. Kuijt and Stefanie Jansen-Wilhelm

International humanitarian assistance, which entails the provision of emergency aid to those in need, may take place in situations of crisis. Such situations include natural or manmade disasters, armed conflict or occupation. As a concept, international humanitarian assistance is currently

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Alisher Khamidov

nation-wide campaign to collect food and money dontations to help the Kyrgyzstani refugees. Authorities in Tashkent also assisted in the shipment of international humanitarian assistance to Kyrgyzstan through Uzbek territory. 3 In the post-violence period, Uzbekistan actively collaborated with the

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Dominic Meng-Hsuan Yang

forefront of this propaganda war. Humanitarian Assistance and Propaganda War: The fcra and the Rennie’s Mill Refugee Camp The conventional narrative portrays Chiang Kai-shek’s regime in Taiwan as a proxy of American Cold War to combat the spread of communism in Asia. The anti-communist bastion