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Author: Srikala Naraian

1 What Can “inclusion” Mean in the post-human Era? The fundamental premise of inclusion has always been humanist . This is not surprising given the history of de humanized and exclusionary practices that have dominated approaches to disability in the US and around the world ( Blatt and

In: Journal of Disability Studies in Education
Author: John B. Min

Introduction Deliberative democrats regard inclusion to be an important deliberative ideal ( Young 2000; Mansbridge et al. 2012 ). Along with the procedural principles like reciprocity, publicity, accountability, and equality, inclusion is an important procedural precondition for deliberation

In: Contemporary Pragmatism

education can be conceptualised and measured. More specifically, the aim of the article is twofold: (1) to explore access to higher education as a complex and multidimensional phenomenon by distinguishing two interwoven but irreducible aspects, inclusion and fairness, and (2) to outline the policy

In: Universities as Political Institutions