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Post-Materialist Integral Ecology

Experiments in the Peruvian High Amazon

Frédérique Apffel-Marglin

environment and people to be joined in “integral ecology”. “The cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor” are now linked as was not fully visible before. Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim 2 1 Introduction Both Post-Materialist Science and Integral Ecology have been central themes

Pedro Walpole S.J.

, such programs seldom elaborate and explain the faith in terms of integral ecology. Furthermore, in the region’s schools and universities, many programs run by individual faculty or departments challenge students both academically and socially in their assessment of human interaction with the

Ken Homan S.J.

hopes, which Pope Francis describes, emerge from an integral approach to ecology. 3 Integral ecology points not just to stewardship of the earth; rather, as elaborated by Pope Francis, such an approach recognizes the binding relationship between God, the person, humanity at large, and the natural

John Farina

does, especially in Chapter Two, “The Gospel of Creation,” where he invites a dialogue between religion and science. Francis presents “the rich contribution which religions can make towards an integral ecology and the full development of humanity” (Francis I, Laudato si’ , ¶62). This integral ecology

Roberto Puggioni

’s ecological issues. 54 Then, Francis outlines the ‘integral ecology’ of Francis of Assisi, in which he sees a spiritual and family-like relationship with nature. 55 This is, indeed, the main message of the text offered to the reader since its beginning: human beings need to live within nature in harmony

Savarimuthu Ignacimuthu S.J.

conversion. While enumerating how the Jesuits and their institutions in the usa responded to the call of Laudato si’ , Homan discusses the significance of investment responsibility, environmental stewardship, reducing ecological footprints through a lens of integral ecology. He provides helpful examples

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia

The Emergence of a Symbiotic Relationship between Identity and Internationalization


Luis Fernando Álvarez Londoño, S.J.

’s encyclical Laudato si to grant the world an integral ecology aligned with sustainable development. In order to achieve this vision, the university has identified four goals ( Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2015 ) for the short-term: ensuring innovative academic activities with an impact on the country


Don Carruthers Den Hoed

visit, the visitor, or the view by including concepts of integral ecology ( Esbjörn-Hargens & Zimmerman, 2009 ), presenting and respecting the landscapes of matter, life, mind and spirit and connecting these landscapes to experience, behavior, culture, and systems. Authentic Experience of Learning in


Anthony Mellor

consciences of the whole human family toward care for the planet. He envisages a “new synthesis”, and a common pathway “of dialogue which requires patience, self-discipline and generosity”. 198 A new synthesis and an “integral ecology” recognise the inseparable bond “between concern for nature, justice for

The Wicked Problem of Climate Change

Christianity and Environmental Ethics Fifty Years after ‘Historical Roots’

Matthew T. Riley

towards an “integral ecology” through his sense that “every creature was a sister” that led him to a “care for all that exists” (paragraph 11). This is no trivial point of view, Pope Francis states. It transforms human relationships with non-humans by critiquing anthropocentrism and instilling a non