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-intervention agreement in Spain – was a sweeping reference to the Spanish Civil War as ‘a period when breaches of international law on a wide scale were committed by some states and tolerated by others in what was assumed to be the general interest of peace’. 198 5 Conclusion – The Secret Life of International Law

In: Journal of the History of International Law / Revue d'histoire du droit international

substantial amount of scholarly work done on whether the international and domestic courts can or should recognise amnesty in the interest of peace, less research exists regarding the risk posed by implementing blanket amnesties within post-conflict regions. Opponents of blanket amnesty often frame the

In: International Criminal Law Review

sometimes been claimed that the Peace of Utrecht marked the transition of a European order based on legitimate dynastic right to an order based on the common interest of peace and balance of power. 52 While this claim certainly has merit, it does not signify a complete overhauling of the old system. Over

In: The 1713 Peace of Utrecht and its Enduring Effects

of peace between the quarrelsome sulṭāns of the Dakhan. Before he declared his independence, Berār had been divided into the two provinces of Gāwīl and Māhūr, of which he retained the former, but before his death he had added Māhūr to his dominions. He died in 1504 and was succeeded by his son ʿAlāʾ

concerning international relations, wilfully or negligently trans- mitted, must, in the interest of peace, be considered as contrary to international law. Dommer A. Donner ved Europadomstolen i Luxemburg foreleser over »Les Rapports entre la Competence de la Cour de Justice des Commu- nautes europeennes et

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

Denmark's participation in the Atlantic Pact is in the interest of Peace and the Northern countries, and that the greatest task of our generation is to enlarge the cooperation of the Northern Countries in all possible directions and to make the Scandinavian voice heard in the international concert FINLAND

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

.” In In the Interest of Peace: A Spectrum of Philosophical Views , 237 – 246 . Edited by Kenneth H. Klein and Joseph C. Kunkel . Wakefield, NH : Longwood Academic , 1990 . Walzer Michael . Thick and Thin: Moral Argument at Home and Abroad . Notre Dame : University of Notre Dame Press , 1994

In: Nonviolence: Critiquing Assumptions, Examining Frameworks

and that they do not intend themselves to manufacture nuclear weapons or permit stockpiling of nuclear weapons on their territories for their own or some other state's account. These engagements should be undertaken in the interest of peace and the relaxation of international tension. If the

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

foreign policy will be determined in accordance with the country's state of being a member of the Atlantic Pact The col- laboration with the other members of the Pact will be strengthened in the interest of peace, and Denmark will accept the obligations that are levied on her in consequence of her

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

interest of peace and security and if prevention of fu- ture crimes is not put into question — the reasons given in the Pream- ble for the establishment of the ICC'S - a truth commission mecha- nism should be more readily accepted.76 Not to prosecute is sometimes the necessary means to achieve peace and

In: Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law Online