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Jan Wouters and Sanderijn Duquet

Introduction The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 (hereafter VCDR or Vienna Convention) 1 and customary international diplomatic law form the legal framework for inter-state diplomatic relations. There are 187 state parties to the VCDR, 2 and its content has to a large

Ramses A. Wessel

agreement reflects the classic notion of reciprocity in international diplomatic law: 1. The Delegation of the European Union, its Head and its members, as well as the members of their family forming part of their respective households, shall, on the territory of the Republic of South Sudan, enjoy

Nahlik, Stanislaw E.

notions of diplomacy and of diplomatic law pp. 201  2. Contents and sources of international diplomatic law pp. 203  3. Categories of people to be treated pp. 204  4. Categories of rules to be examined pp. 209  5. Selected problems to be dealt with pp. 217

Robert G. Volterra

of breaches of international diplomatic law had been committed by the other State during the armed conflict between them during the period 1998 and 2000. 80 Eritrea filed its claims on 12 December 2001, pursuant to Article 5 of the Algiers Agreement. In its submissions, Eritrea requested monetary

Sanderijn Duquet

substantial limitations on the conduct of eu diplomacy. International diplomatic law applies to eu delegations on the basis of bilateral arrangements entered into by the eu with third states, the so-called Establishment Agreements, which refer to the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations ( vcdr

Edited by Petar Petrov, Karolina Pomorska and Sophie Vanhoonacker

Lisbon Treaty also raises a number of legal questions. Lacking the features of a sovereign state, the European Union has a sui generis status in international diplomatic law. Until now, the European Union has developed its diplomatic network by means of bilateral agreements with third countries and


European Cooperation Abroad: European Diplomatic Cooperation Outside EU Borders

Federica Bicchi and Heidi Maurer

and Wallace, ‘Diplomatic Trends in the European Community’, p. 50. 23 Jan Wouters and Sanderijn Duquet, ‘The EU and International Diplomatic Law: New Horizons?’, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy , vol. 7, no. 1 (2012), p. 40. 24 Véronique Dimmer and Mike McGeever, ‘Diplomats Without a Flag: The

Emmanuel Roucounas

no commitment to any city-state, or positively, in the sense that Diogenes envisioned himself as part of a united humankind. The Stoics better expressed the latter interpretation, and Demetrius of Phaleron, the author of the first book on international diplomatic law (third century BC), practiced

Axel Marschik

. The market would hardly work as a corrective for public organizations, especially in monopoly situations. 645 Marschik / International Organizations Law Review 6 (2009) 627–653 to international diplomatic law. 58 Legal literature, not least influenced by the work of the International Law

International Organizations and the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Exploring the Interaction between EU Law and International Law

Christopher Kuner

Immunities of the European Union [2010] OJ C 83/266, art 16. See also Jan Wouters and Sanderijn Duquet, ‘The EU and International Diplomatic Law: New Horizons?’ (2012) 7 The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 31, 33–34. 100 See above n 85. 101 Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized