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* Many thanks to Ana Florencia Adelardi, Basak Baglayan Ceyhan, Dr. Catherine Brölmann, Prof. dr. Matthew Happold and Dr. Luiz Fernando Sanna Pinto for their valuable comments on earlier drafts of this essay. Kate Miles The Origins of International Investment Law: Empire, Environment and the

In: International Community Law Review

illustrate. 50 Food and alcohol regulation could face similar high-profile investment challenges. The nexus between private investment and NCD prevention raises important and timely questions about how international investment law can affect State regulatory autonomy in designing and implementing NCD

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade
The Nijhoff International Investment Law Series presents important, high-quality and original research in the field of international investment law. Although formally a part of international law generally, international investment law has become an independent field of research, crossing the boundaries between public international law, international commercial law, and domestic public law. The Series therefore covers international investment law in a relatively broad sense, including research on the substantive aspects of international investment law and the dispute settlement aspects, i.e., international investment arbitration.

The Series also covers research on interactions between international investment law and other areas of international law and domestic law, both private and public, including international economic and trade law, general public international law, international commercial law and arbitration, international environmental law, human rights, or domestic constitutional and administrative law. It is open to doctrinal analysis as well as theoretical, conceptual, and interdisciplinary approaches to international investment law, including law and economics analysis, empirical analysis, historical analysis, political science analysis, or normative analysis.

The Series will consider Works in, although not limited to, the following areas:

• Standards of treatment
• International investment arbitration
• Regionalism in international investment law
• Interaction between international investment law and domestic law
• Private law approaches to international investment law and arbitration
• Public law approaches to international investment law and arbitration
• Compensation and reparation in international investment law
• Responsibility and accountability of multinational corporations in international investment law
• International investment law and sustainable development
• Industry-specific or country-specific studies
• Doctrinal, conceptual, and interdisciplinary approaches

Proposals may be submitted to Publishing Director Marie Sheldon at

deep seabed mining projects through various means, including international investment law. International investment law, which encompasses international investment agreements ( iia s) and investor-state dispute settlement ( isds ), has long been a feature of the investment protection regime in the land

In: Social License and Dispute Resolution in the Extractive Industries
Author: Jürgen Kurtz

The field of international investment law has never been so popular as a subject of scholarly study and professional interest. Multitudes of journal articles, edited volumes, and published doctoral theses add to an increasingly cluttered publications universe. Surprisingly – given the notorious

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade

international investment law ( IIL ) and international human rights law ( HRL ), this article analyses whether, and if so, to what extent, IIL can be instrumental to fostering corporate accountability for violations of human rights. 1 The relevance of the corporate sector to achieve human rights and

In: International Community Law Review

. Percy: ( finally begins to grasp ) Yes, My Lord. 1 1 Introduction Comparison of European Union (EU) law with international investment law is, in recent years, an endeavour of apparently ever-increasing rewards. That is not an unexpected development. In international trade law, to take an

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade
Author: Steven R Ratner

1 Introduction The vast academic literature on international investment law (IIL) has tended to focus on the ‘international’ side of IIL – the content and changing nature of international investment agreements (IIAs), the case law of investor-State tribunals, the challenges to the

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade
American Classics in International Law: International Investment Law, edited by Professor José E. Alvarez, contains a selection of the best scholarship on the subject produced by those with a connection to the United States. Since international investment law remains a subject that is not codified in a single multilateral treaty, the volume also contains selections of U.S. treaties that have influenced the over 3,400 international investment agreements (IIAs) now in existence. The collection offers a selection of significant addresses by prominent U.S. policy-makers along with a comprehensive introduction by the Editor that puts the various elements - the contributions made by U.S. academics, treaty-negotiators, and policy-makers - in a broader context.
Author: David Collins

a consequence of unrestrained growth, will be hostile to this shift. These countries may consequently attempt to arrest this process through the same systems of international investment law that had once underpinned their expansionary interests. This is ironic because the success of emerging market

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade