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Ashley Bohrer

In recent years, intersectionality has been discussed more than ever before. These discussions have been so frequent that some have even called it ‘hegemonic’. 1 Since the 2008 financial crisis, there has also been a renewed interest in Marxism – ‘socialism’ and ‘capitalism’ were the two most

Elena Butti and Brianne McGonigle Leyh

reparations targeting youths affected by conflict should be offered through flexible, intersectional programmes offering more choice than is currently available. 19 Second, we call for reparations programmes that ensure meaningful input from beneficiaries, rather than sticking to preconceived paradigms


Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture

Edited by Karl A. E. Enenkel

Intersections is a peer-reviewed series on interdisciplinary topics in early modern studies. Contributions may come from any of the disciplines within the humanities, such as history, art history, literary history, book history, church history, social history, cultural history, and history of ideas. Each volume focuses on a single theme and consists of essays that explore new perspectives on the subject of study. The series aims to open up new areas of research on early modern culture and to address issues of interest to a wide range of disciplines.

General Editor: K.A.E. Enenkel

Helena M. Bolle and Stephen R. Llewelyn

category. However, once one realizes that social position is negotiated across an array of categories which can be variously and contextually weighted, the situation becomes more complex. According to the praxis of intersectionality 19 a person’s identity is viewed as a social construct that is determined

Qinxuan Peng

urban areas live and work in highly underprivileged situations, which this article places its focus on. In the following paragraphs, the relevant laws and policies concerning migrant women workers as domestic helpers are depicted, their living and working situations are described, and intersectionality

Maike Isaac and Olga Jurasz

reflect on the impact of the Tribunal’s jurisprudence in advancing ‘gender justice’ in international criminal law ( ICL ). Within the discipline of gender studies, Kimberlé Crenshaw’s concept of ‘intersectionality’ continues to dominate the discourse even thirty years after its coining. 2 The

Vivienne Jackson

Social research has highlighted the positive outcomes of religious faith and practice for integration and belonging amongst migrants of different genders. However narratives of Filipino migrants in Israel suggest that religion, gender and belonging may not go hand-in-hand. By applying Anthias’ intersectional framework of ‘translocational positionality’, a wider range of religious faith can be taken into account beyond gendered patterns amongst participants and activists in religious communities. Religious belief and gender intersect with other social locations, leading to the expression of complex orientations to belonging: where people believe they fit into the social order. Going beyond the categories of religion and gender to take in other intersections is essential in understanding the experiences of “non-organised” believers – and non-believers – as well as active religious participants.

Carrie Graham and Jennifer McGarry

challenges were due to the women’s intersectional identities. The 2016 National Study of Postsecondary Faculty Statistics showed that women faculty across African American/Black, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Bi-/Multi-ethnicities held the highest percentage of assistant

Mervi Kaukko

article combines interpretation of unaccompanied children as simultaneously vulnerable and resilient, adding an intersectional view on how their asylum-seeking status, gender, ethnicity and possible trauma affect the way they perceive their rights. Previous research on children seeking asylum with their

Adelita Selmić

foundations of that order and the conditions for a successful mobilization with a view of subverting it. bourdieu 2002 : 118 In the light of this, the lgbt /non-heteronormative activist cause could potentially appear as a departure point for creating an intersectionality-sensitive political platform