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Author: Carol A. Mullen

not translate into action that disrupts settler colonialism. Tuck and Yang ( 2012 , p. 19) ∵ Pedagogical interventions on behalf of Indigenous education are key to decolonizing/indigenizing classrooms and communities. These mediations support vision, goals, partnership, teaming, performance, trust

In: Canadian Indigenous Literature and Art
Author: Inna Uchkunova

1 Characteristics The procedure for intervention serves as a counter-balance to the ‘paradox’ of res judicata contained in the Statute of the International Court of Justice. On the one hand, Article 59 provides that a judgment in a case is binding only on the parties to that case. On the

In: The Law & Practice of International Courts and Tribunals
Author: Amanda Murdie

are invoked and how any interventions efforts, if they exist at all, are structured. This article evaluates the effects certain interventions, namely various types of third party peacekeeping missions, have had on the future human rights practices of countries experiencing civil conflict. 5

In: Global Responsibility to Protect

a way to improve Indonesian students’ accuracy and science performance. 2 Theoretical Framework of KAAR Intervention Model for Overconfidence Debiasing In this section, we review relevant works of literature that will be the guiding theoretical framework of the development of our

In: Asia-Pacific Science Education
Authors: Swati Singh and Mehmet Celebi

topic (Anand 2012). In these restricted circumstances, intervention programs such as microfinance provide a promising medium to spread awareness about HIV / AIDS . Microfinance programs are designed to provide small loans, or microcredit, for self-employment to economically and socially disadvantaged

In: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology

structured as follows. Section 2 examines the scope and content of the principles of non-intervention and the non-use of force. These two principles are often employed interchangeably as if synonymous but this article demonstrates that despite their common origins they differ normatively as well as

In: International Community Law Review

responsibilities raises a number of questions. Why was it this norm and not some other that Russia was expected to and did use to justify its new intervention, although already in 2008 it was not convincing internationally? Who are Russian compatriots ? What exactly did Russia mean when it spoke about its