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Vassilis Livanios

Tugby (2013a) and Yates (2016) have recently argued that immanent realism is incompatible with the existence of intrinsic but (at least partially) relationally constituted genuine dispositional properties. The success of Tugby’s and Yates’ arguments depends either on a strong or on a weak assumption about the interworld identity of dispositional properties. In this paper, the author evaluates the strength of the arguments in question under those two assumptions. He also offers an alternative metaphysical picture for the fundamental dispositional properties which rejects these assumptions and, consequently, undermines the arguments themselves.

Rosanne Rutten

no benefit to his clients” (Wurfel 1988: 38), candidates seek to project the image of a “strong” leader towards a poor, dependent electorate. Signs of intrinsic powers are, for male politicians, virility, a “prodigious offspring” (also through extramari- tal affairs) and success in cockfighting, a

Christian Müller

¨´Â al- jam¨®a , Ibn Sir¨j, who had deposited this share with a third person as fiduciary. 57 In some situations, the intrinsic powers of a q¨´Â to monopolize jurisdiction led to the establishment of q¨´Â dynasties that might rule a particular town. 58 In Cordoba, however, the presence of the Umayyad 52

Sthaneshwar Timalsina

reading the novels of Jean Paul Sartre. First of all, Tantric Trika philosophy relies on the doctrine of Ābhāsa , or appearance. Following this doctrine, reality itself appears in manifoldness due to its intrinsic powers. In this understanding, what appears is not false or illusory. Borrowing this under


R. J. Hankinson

, something in some sense contrary to its nature. In fact: In this way both anger and desire will be called both pathê and energeiai ; for since they are certain immoderate and unnatural motions of the soul’s intrinsic powers, they are energeiai of those powers, because the powers have their motions from

Discerning What the Quest of the Historical Jesus Could Not See

Howard Thurman, Jesus and the Disinherited

Richard A. Horsley

intrinsic powers and abilities. 31 2.2 Overcoming the Deception of Deception For the disinherited there are three alternative ways of responding with deception to the overwhelming power that, institutionalized over them, is often exercised against them arbitrarily. The first alternative is that there