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Timothy Thurston

have while using these technologies as a point of rupture that forces discussion and evaluation of social changes in Tibetan life. In doing so, it broaches the otherwise serious topic of language purism with humorous effect. In this performance, Sman bla skyabs and his partner Phag mo bkra shis

Between Hebrew and Arabic Poetry

Studies in Spanish Medieval Hebrew Poetry


Yosef Tobi

The book includes sixteen studies about medieval Hebrew poetry compared with Arabic poetry. It is well known that since the tenth century medieval Hebrew poets took Arabic poetry as the ultimate paradigm in terms of prosody, language purism and rhetorical devices and even in regard to poetical genres. However, the concept unifying all studies in this book is that a comparative examination must consider not only the identical elements in which Hebrew poetry borrowed from the Arabic one, but alos what is much more significant – what Hebrew poetry stubbornly set itself at a distance from Arabic poetry. The conclusive result of this sort of examination is that Hebrew poetry combined selectively borrowed Arabic poetical values with traditional ethical Jewish values to create a distinctive poetical school.

Lukas Pietsch

his introduction: that of language purism and popular concerns over a perceived inundation of German with foreign linguistic elements. Based on his quantitative findings, Onysko reassures the reader that the English-German situation is merely characteristic of a “stable language contact scenario

Francesco Gardani

allowed for a high degree of cohesion and justified a more adequate coverage of subjects in the subject index, via the inclusion of important entries, such as antipassive, loanblend, heritage language, purism, stripping, Wackernagel particle, to mention just a few. The editing is generally careful, but


Francis Nesbitt

exceptionalism to the nineteenth century racist language ideology ideology of language purism. For Mufwene, languages creole creole language genesis is not exceptional but instead reflects the natural evolution of human languages. Mufwene suggests a theory of language linguistic ecology language ecology

Joseph A. Buijs

composite and caused. 9 More- over, since no attributes pertain to the divine reality by which to apprehend it, we cannot apprehend what it is; we can only apprehend the fact that it is.2° The implication for theological language is that language pur- portedly descriptive of what a thing is, could not

David Martyn

Jahrhunderts , in ders.: Kleinere Schriften , Bd. 1 , Berlin, S. 175 – 176 . Martyn David ( 1997 ): „ Borrowed Fatherland: Nationalism and Language Purism in Fichte's Addresses to the German Nation “, in: Germanic Review 72 , S. 303 – 316 . Martyn David ( 2004


Robin Sabino

Thrax” (32). Bonfiglio (2013:par 50) similarly observes that, although neither the Greeks nor Romans associated ethnicity or race with linguistic characteristics, concern for languagepurism” existed in both societies. This impetus is nicely illustrated by Apuleius, who writing in the first century CE


Christine Jourdan

delegitimized because of what they are or perceived to be. This perception produces two complementary attitudes – language chauvinism and language purism – that cannot be excluded from how the languages of the others are being labeled, 3 and from the de/legitimation process. From a purist perspective, the

Francesco Palermo

. 47–72, the eu has 7% of the world’s total population but it includes only 1% of the world’s linguistic diversity. 4 One may think of the German romantics – see D. Martyn, ‘Borrowed Fatherland: Nationalism and Language Purism in Fichte’s Addresses to the German Nation’, 72:4 Germanic Review