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Dirk Geeraerts

print version of this book. In the e-book, both the qr code and dynamic links are available, and can be accessed by a mouse-click. [6.1]  So Cultural Models of Language Variation, what is that all about? Let me first situate this in the overall architecture of the ten lectures I have the privilege of

From Language Contact to Language Variation

A Case of Contact-Induced Grammaticalization in Italo-Romance

Massimo Cerruti

of contact between varieties of Italian. 3 From Language Contact to Language Variation Before considering the case study itself, it is worth mentioning some general aspects of language contact and language variation in Italo-Romance. 3.1 Contact and Variation in Italo-Romance: Crucial

Benny De Decker, Reinhild Vandekerckhove and Dominiek Sandra

written language: e.g. Flemish dialect and (sub)standard language variation are dealt with in Grondelaers et al. (2001), Geeraerts and De Sutter (2003), Vandekerckhove (2007) and Vandekerckhove and Nobels (2010) . Several studies support the necessity of combining a quantitative and qualitative

Sociolinguistic Indexicalities in Ethnic Diversity

Perceptions of Ethnicity and Language in Suriname

Gerald Stell

, possible other indicators of ethnicity are levels of competence in Sranan Tongo and the lexical features thereof, which are likely to reveal the presence or absence of an Afro-descendant background. Conclusion This study attempted to firmly situate the topic of language variation in

Ekaterina Golovko

about the concept of dialect and dialect change? Paper presented at the 5th International Conference of Language Variation in Europe, Copenhagen, 25-27 June 2009. Siegel Jeff . 1997 . Mixing, levelling and pidgin/creole development . In Spears Arthur K. Winford Donald . The structure and

Panayiotis A. Pappas

. I propose an alternative approach, which treats the variation as the result of analogical change. Keywords: Medieval Greek, clitics, weak pronouns, language variation, morphosyntactic change . Introduction In the lively debate about the nature and behavior of Greek weak pronouns, there has been

Marina Tzakosta and Anthi Revithiadou

Journal of Greek Linguistics 7 (2006), 49–70 . issn 1566–5844 / e-issn 1569–9856 © John Benjamins Publishing Company A Grammar Inclusion Hypothesis of child language variation Marina Tzakosta and Anthi Revithiadou University of Crete / University of the Aegean This paper examines variation in

Catherine Miller

Diglossia and Language Contact : Language Variation and Change in North Africa , Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (« Cambridge approaches to language contact »), 2014, 251 p., isbn : 978-0-521-11936-8, 60 £ relié. Publié dans la collection « Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact

Frédéric Lagrange

Bulletin critique / Arabica 56 (2009) 596-616 609 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/057053909X12544602282475 Arabic in the City. Issues in dialect contact and language variation , éd. Catherine Miller, Enam Al-Wer, Dominique Caubet et Janet C.E. Watson, Londres, Routledge