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Author: Marzena Kordela

Zygmunt Ziembiński defined law as a system of norms of conduct distinguishable from other social norms by determined formal features. By qualifying norms as linguistic expressions he predetermined the analytical character of his entire theory of law. However, by assuming that the creator of legal norms – the rational legislator – among its methodological characteristics also includes the assumption of axiological rationality, he gave a moral dimension to his concept of law.

In: Review of Central and East European Law
Author: Gary Remer

domestic law and values, it can accommodate the practical necessities of today’s world legislation, i.e., necessities resulting from the absence of extensive, long-standing global legal norms and of international institutions to enforce world legislation. Ciceronian ius gentium , however, is not confined

In: International Organizations Law Review
Author: David Freestone

rights are used to regulate natural resources then it is essential that we understand how the law and values embedded within legal systems shape the development and operation of property rights in practice. The author constructs a version of property that articulates both the private and public function

In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law

their loyalty to French values and laws. Even though they affirmed their attachment to the Republic, its laws, and values, it was evident that there were also different interpretations of not only republican values but also of headscarves and full veils. Thus there were, for instance, differing opinions

In: Journal of Religion in Europe

Islamic religion (UN LS 1995, pp. 192-199; UN LS 1996). These states framed their reservations in different ways, but their general thrust was to assert the primacy of Islamic laws and values over any provisions to the contrary found in the convention. Pakistan's reservation (UN LS 1995, p. 198), for

In: The International Journal of Children's Rights
Author: Matt Goldish

Jewish religious laws and values among these former conversos. This expressed itself in various ways. One was the manner in which members generally identified themselves as part of the 'Nation' of Portu- guese former (and sometimes present) conversos, as much as they identi- fied themselves as Jews, and

In: Zutot
Author: Nanako Shimizu

Journal of International Law, 217 (2011). 4) Hanqin Xue, Meaningful Dialogue through a Common Discourse: Law and Values in a Multi-Polar World , 1(1) Asian Journal of International Law, 13–14 (2011). 5) Kisabuto Yokota, Kokusai Rengo no Kenkyu, 161 (Tokyo: Ginza Shuppansha, 1947). 6) Yoshiro

In: The Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law

Undermine Danish Law and Values” In March 2016, a national television broadcast showed a programme which presented imams in a particular mosque preaching views contrary to Danish law. The programme triggered heated political debates. On 31 May 2016, and as a result of these debates, the government

In: Religion & Human Rights

of the Convention shall be interpreted in the light of Islamic laws and values. atar - general reservation for provisions incompatible with Islamic law. Tunisia - General declaration for provisions in Conflict with Tunisian Constitution and limits its undertakings under the Convention to the means at

In: The International Journal of Children's Rights

undemocratic and drastically violates freedom of expression and association and other liberties safeguarded by international law and valued by peoples every where. The text of the Order speaks for itself. Jonathan Kuttab Israel Defence Army Order No 101 Order Concerning the Prohibition of

In: The Palestine Yearbook of International Law Online