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The Pact establishing the League of Arab States was signed at Cairo on March 22, 1945. The movement towards Arab unity existed long before World War I. However the peace settlement of 1919, placing a great part of the Arab world - Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Transjordan and Iraq - temporarily under

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The League of Arab States (Arab League) is an intergovernmental organization consisting of 22 states (including Syria, whose membership was suspended in 2011) that is based in Cairo, Egypt. It was founded by six states in Cairo in 1945, shortly before the end of World War II. Its original members

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148 PACT OF THE LEAGUE OF ARAB STATES His Excellency the President of the Syrian Republic; His Royal Highness the Amir of Trans-Jordan; His Majesty the King of Iraq; His Majesty the King of Saudi Arabia; His Excellency the President of the Lebanese Republic; His Majesty the King of Egypt; His

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* Online sources cited in this article were last accessed on 15 January 2016. 1 Introduction In September 2014, the Member States of the League of Arab States (‘ las ’) approved the Statute of the Arab Court of Human Rights (‘ achr ’) 1 completing the process for the protection and

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An extensive body of law designed to control international terror violence has come into being, and it is this assembly of reports and resolutions, conventions and scattered treaty provisions that we must rely on as we move toward an enforceable, unambiguous anti-“terrorism” regime in international law. Multilateral Conventions includes all relevant conventions adopted since the League of Nations Convention of 1937; it also includes pertinent international conventions of the Organization of African Unity, the League of Arab States, the Council of Europe, the Organization of American States, and the South Asian Regional Convention, as well as relevant provisions from other international conventions (governing, postal traffic, or weapons control).
An introductory article by the editor provides a forward-looking view of the evolving challenges in combating the ever-changing manifestations of terror violence.

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1 Introduction: Historical Background On 22 March 1945, the League of Arab States (LAS) was established to strengthen and coordinate political, cultural and economic relations and to settle disputes between its members. The LAS Charter does not include provisions regarding human rights. 1

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organs of the League of Arab States were transferred from Cairo. In this political context, the question was raised of relocating the Regional Office of the Middle Eastern Region of the WHO from Alexandria...

in volume IV, Basic Documents and Indexes Laissez-passer, Court’s, 426Languages of Charter, 362Languages official, Court, of, 370, 443Latvia, 942Law applied by Court, 1607-1611, 1625-1626     Domestic law, 1614     General Assembly resolutions, 1617-1619League of Arab States, 1739League of Nations

Founded in 1975, the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce exists to encourage trade and economic co-operation between the United Kingdom and the 22 members of the League of Arab States.Secretary-General and Chief Executive: Dr Afnan Al Shuaiby Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, 43 Upper Grosvenor Street