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On Legitimacy of WISEs

A Case Study of CANYOU

Tingming Chen and Yichun Weng

legitimacy analysis of Suchman, 8 the article examines the organization, operation mode and social impact of CANYOU. Based on literature review and in-depth interview, the article conducts qualitative study upon the selected cases from WISEs. First, literature review. It collects articles on the persons

Legitimacy of European Citizenship

Do Europeans believe that all eu Citizens should have the Right to Vote in another eu Country?

Jürgen Gerhards, Holger Lengfeld and Sophia Schubert

Max Weber’s seminal work, is citizens’ beliefs in the legitimacy of this institutionalization. When applied to the case of voting rights, the key question is whether citizens support the idea of Europeanized political equality, or whether they favor granting nationals more political rights than eu

Frederick Cowell and Ana Leticia Magini

on the part of some states, it has had a wider impact on the legitimacy of the court as an institution. 1 The ability of the court to prosecute the causes of the conflict could contribute to addressing these legitimacy problems, and bring to justice those who are responsible for starting

Rok Hacin

* This contribution is based in part on the conclusions of a Ph.D. thesis in criminology, entitled Comparison of self-legitimacy of the prison staff and prisoner’s perceptions of prison staff legitimacy. The paper benefited immensely from invaluable comments from Gorazd Meško and Charles B

Alexis Galán

… ‘Pure in their normativity, they are like those little gold stars you can stick on anything’ Christine Korsgaard 1 ∵ Over the course of the past decades legitimacy has become a central concern to international law. 2 There is no field in which the vocabulary of

Joanna Nicholson

from another court is to increase the legitimacy of its decision making. 5 Legitimacy is important for international courts, but the question of precisely what makes an institution legitimate is complex. 6 Legitimacy is a hard concept to define: 7 it is not fixed, but rather something

Daniel Behn and Malcolm Langford

Introduction The tension between domestic environmental protection and foreign investor rights has been one of the primary drivers of the ‘legitimacy crisis’ in investment treaty arbitration (ITA). For almost two decades, scholars and civil society actors have raised concerns that domestic policy space for

Avidan Kent and Jamie Trinidad

1 Introduction The management of third-party amicus participation before international courts and tribunals is often presented as a trade-off between legitimacy and efficiency. A standard narrative is that third-party amici generate administrative burdens, but their participation may

Asad Kiyani

1 Darfur and Al-Bashir – a Debate on Legitimacy 1.1 Introduction The tremendous controversy over the March 2009 indictment of Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir 1 by the International Criminal Court (“ icc ”) was largely predictable. The Government of Sudan (“GoS”) reacted with

Nicolás Carrillo-Santarelli

law may affect their interests – can strengthen or erode its effectiveness and legitimacy. For this reason, the third section will explore if it is desirable to give greater law-making powers to non-state actors de lege ferenda . In sum, given the decentralized nature of the international society