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Author: Michael Freeden

Cécile Laborde’s subtle and perspicacious analysis in her Liberalism’s Religion is cleverly crafted to undermine many of the assumptions with which it initially appears to side; those are re-interrogated and prised loose from the strong base they occupy in the academic milieus with which

In: Secular Studies

Following the collapse of the Soviet regime, the history of liberalism in Imperial Russia enjoyed a surge of interest among scholars both in Russia and abroad. The political, socio-economic and even religious aspects of this movement were studied. 1 The centrality of the concept of

In: Russian History

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2011 DOI: 10.1163/156920611X573815 Historical Materialism 19.2 (2011) 92–112 Settling Accounts with Liberalism: On the Work of Domenico Losurdo Stefano G. Azzarà University of Urbino Abstract Liberalism is currently the hegemonic

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Liberalism does not go very deep; it is an adventitious principle, a mere loosening of an older structure. — santayana , Soliloquies in England The two great conditions for improving the lot of mankind are a much smaller population and a much larger proportion of people devoted to agriculture

In: The Life of Reason in an Age of Terrorism

Liberalism and Social Action (1935) and Freedom and Culture (1939) as well as “The Role of Philosophy in the History of Civilization” (1927), I explore the implications of Dewey’s method of historicization as they entail assumptions about history’s role in philosophical and political inquiry. In these