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unless procedures within the legal licensing process complement the gaining of an slo . Although slo is not explicitly required or prescribed by law, elements of social license—such as stakeholder engagement and risk management—are currently recognised in most regulatory licensing processes. 46

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

In Brazil, the process of mundialization has resulted in an intensive exploitation of natural resources, which aggravates the use of marginal economic areas and the expansion of the economic frontiers through territories occupied by family agriculture and ethnic minorities.1 Hence, one can observe the creation of conflict zones involving locals, State sectors and entrepreneurial segments. This process is evident in the policies for the expansion of electric power generation. Based on research about the environmental licensing processes of hydroelectric dams in southeastern Brazil, this paper focuses on conflicts, at times violent, involving local people and public policies which are market oriented.

In: Connected Accountabilities: Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship

Human Rights Impact Assessment in Licensing Processes  302 Kamrul Hossain and Anna Petrétei Monitoring Accountability for un Peacekeeping under iccpr  341 Erika Nakamura Race to End Poverty? The Roles of Ethnicity and International Economic Law in the

In: Nordic Journal of International Law

the spectrum is allocated to broadcasting uses. The frequencies allocated to broadcasting should be shared equitably among the three tiers of broadcasting. 4, Licensing processes for the allocation of specific frequencies to individual broadcasters should be fair and transparent, and based on clear

In: Human Rights Law in Africa Online
Author: Jawad Ahmad

it came to light that critical licenses and related documents were unauthentic and unauthorized (para 557(2)–(3)). In 2006, the Claimants became involved in the EKCP through a local company, the Ridlatama Group (Ridlatama), which spearheaded the licensing process in Indonesia. 3 Three licenses

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade
Author: Vo Ngoc Diep

On January 1, 2019, 1 Viet Nam’s new Law on Fisheries adopted in 2017 came into force. 2 The law is expected to fill the gaps in the 2003 Fisheries Law in order to combat iuu fishing. 3 The 2017 Fisheries Law provides a new licensing process intended to contribute to the

In: Asia-Pacific Journal of Ocean Law and Policy
Author: Ward Berenschot

(particularly) licensing processes to pay for these costs. This book pays only limited attention to such reasons for why many of the well-intentioned policy proposals mentioned in this book—e.g. a well-functioning cadastral system, recognizing communal land rights, prioritizing small holders over big companies

policy and law in the targeted country quite substantially, as the Cameroon example shows. Interestingly enough, the same goes the other way around: the norms that are agreed upon have to be applied in the licensing process in the EU. So an EU Member State cannot impose other norms than those that have

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and accident measures". 59. More specifically, under Article 17 Contracting Parties must describe their "licensing process, including a summary of national laws, regulations and requirements related to siting of Nuclear Installations, the criteria for evaluating all site-related factors affecting

In: Austrian Review of International and European Law Online
Author: David Roebuck

of God Ministers" (D.Min. Dissertation; Pasadena, CA: Fuller Theological Seminary, 1990), 95-96. 29 been in vogue since 1914. The restrictions noted in 1925 had already been incorporated into the licensing process of the denomination for . over ten years. This evolution is evidence of what

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