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Robert W. Mitchell and Alan L. Ellis

animal can also be passed on to people: given the generally positive attitudes toward dogs in the United States, it is not surprising that a man paired with a dog appears more likable than the same man does without a dog (Rossbach & Wilson, 1992 ). By contrast, unexpectedly, a man paired with a cat in a

Alison Williams

, prejudices and expectations that stereotypes create, particularly around likeability, and the behaviours that can result. It then suggests ways forward. The idea that there is a ‘right’ way to be a woman, to perform one’s gender, is ongoing and pervasive. Good women are modest, charming, polite and

Gunwoo Yoon and Patrick T. Vargas

-concepts across different situations than Americans, our core hypothesis is that avatar likeability and preference would depend on this culturally derived factor. We suspected that East Asians would be more likely to bear visual contradictions about their self-representations than Americans. Therefore, we


Federica Fornaciari and Laine Goldman

–500). Although we have not reached the tipping point yet, the gender neutral attribution of leadership characteristics is changing the traditional narratives that place female leaders into pre-defined roles such as the likeability factor. A particular relevant article addressing this topic interview two female

In Memoriam

Thomas F. Cloonan (1936–2013)

Amedeo Giorgi

rigorous scholar, constantly verifying every critical fact that he was using to make an argument. His command of the English language was excellent and he was verbally adroit. As a person, Tom was extremely likable. He was Irish to the core and he had a keen sense of Irish humor. When first meeting him

Lara Isbel

in academia often face (see Likeability and the double bind ) where likeability and competence are seen as incompatible ( Fiske et al., 2002 ). While humility certainly goes a long way in a lot of areas in life, there are times when it helps to be able to shine. Describing your accomplishments

Clinton R. Sanders, Jeffrey Lee Rasmussen, Susan J. Modlin, Angela M. Holder and D.W. Rajecki

was likable and a good dog. Other new items included recommendations for forgiveness and punishment. These measures and others could capture attribution processes through an intercorrelation analysis. Further, 26 the measure of good dog had the potential to identify individuals with different

Gidi Ne’eman, Avi Shmida and Avi Perevolotsky

so many around him as an exceptionally likeable person and faithful friend. Israel has lost one of its few and precious academics devoted to botany whose place will be difficult to fill. More information (in Hebrew) can be found at: https

Nicolas Stebbing

Paris Evangelical Missionary Society (PEMS) who worked in Lesotho for nearly forty years. He was a highly intelligent man, very hard work- ing, very able, and a first-rate scholar of African languages. He was also, at least as presented in this book, a rather hard, rigid and not always very likable man

Silje Graffer, Nathalie Rochefort and Judy Robertson

– they are more likely to be perceived by both men and women as being less likeable, less efficient or too controlling ( Brescoll, 2012 ). According to social norms, men leaders should display their power, but women leaders should not. This is yet another example of the “double bind” faced by women