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. figure 3 Kaden Alvayero, Kobi’s Zarko’s grandmother and the protagonist of the anecdotes ( Kobi Zarko’s collection, photo reprinted with permission ). Conclusion Both anecdotes illustrate the linguistic admixture of the Ladino speaker in Israel, the difficulty in adopting the Hebrew

In: European Journal of Jewish Studies

or no’): 1. no linguistic admixture – no genetic admixture 2. no linguistic admixture – genetic admixture 3. linguistic admixture – no genetic admixture 4. linguistic admixture – genetic admixture

In: Language Dynamics and Change

allegiance of the population. The high degree of ethnic, religious and linguistic admixture ordinarily characteris- tic of Macedonia as a whole seems to have been particularly acute in this area where overlapping Christian (Bulgarian Exarchist vs. Greek Orthodox vs. Serbian Orthodox), national (Bulgarian vs

In: Southeastern Europe

score to ‘linguistic admixture,’ i.e. the diffusion of linguistic features between one or more of the core languages and the high-scoring peripheral language, with the result that it exhibits a mixture of core and non-core features. If the distribution of high-scoring languages makes no sense

In: Language Dynamics and Change