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here new lithic material from the recently discovered Dibé rockshelter, which represents an Early Holocene occupation of semi-arid lowland environments outside of the more exhaustively explored Ethiopian Rift and its margins. Techno-typological analyses of excavated and surface lithic material from

In: Journal of African Archaeology

149 up 58% of the collected sample (with the silicates, 74%). Quartzite, half of these items being very heavy from unu- sually high iron contents, amounts to 22% (cf. Appendix 3). The lithic items were used opportunistically for vari- ous purposes. Techniques were direct percussion; there are no

In: Acta Archaeologica

behaviors. Here we examine two case studies in which this occurs: first, the emergence of literacy from the behavior of writing, which ultimately yielded meta-awareness of conceptual domains, and second, change in lithic technologies and associated behaviors that may index the emergence of conceptual

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In: Journal of Cognition and Culture