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Middle East

Monographs and serials dealing with aspects of Middle East society, history and culture dating from Greek Palestine into the 20th century. The collection includes legal material, material on Palestine, travel books, and early printed books.
Middle East / North Africa Development Documents

Titles originally published in the 1950's, 60's, 70's. The collection consists of social and economic reference materials for the Middle East and North Africa.
Historical Photographs of the Middle East

A selection of photographs dated between 1858 and 1973 from the photo archive in the Middle East Centre of St. Antony's College, Oxford. The collection documents political, historical, archaeological and anthropological events and subjects in the Middle East.
16,122 photographs.

The Middle East and the International System Brown, L. Carl

Bibliographic entry in Chapter 22: The United States, North Africa, and the Middle East since 1961 | Overviews and Surveys authorThe Middle East and the International System Brown, L. CarlimprintPrinceton: Princeton University Press, 1984.annotationLong-time Middle East watcher Brown has developed

The Mongols' Middle East

Continuity and Transformation in Ilkhanid Iran


Edited by Bruno De Nicola and Charles Melville

The Mongols’ Middle East: Continuity and Transformation in Ilkhanid Iran offers a collection of academic articles that investigate different aspects of Mongol rule in 13th- and 14th-century Iran. Sometimes treated only as part of the larger Mongol Empire, the volume focuses on the Ilkhanate (1258-1335) with particular reference to its relations with its immediate neighbours. It is divided into four parts, looking at the establishment, the internal and external dynamics of the realm, and its end. The different chapters, covering several topics that have received little attention before, aim to contribute to a better understanding of Mongol rule in the Middle East and its role in the broader medieval Eurasian world and its links with China.

With contributions by: Reuven Amitai, Michal Biran, Bayarsaikhan Dashdondog, Bruno De Nicola, Florence Hodous, Boris James, Aptin Khanbaghi, Judith Kolbas, George Lane, Timothy May, Charles Melville, Esther Ravalde, Karin Rührdanz
As of Volume 6, 2015 the Bustan: The Middle East Book Review will no longer be published by Brill.
Bustan: The Middle East Book Review contains article-length review essays and traditional book reviews. Articles will deal with a host of topics related to the Middle East and Islamic Studies. Subjects include (but are not limited to) political science, economics, history, language, geography and cultural issues of the region. Articles review works in a multitude of languages; however, articles are exclusively written in English.

The Ottoman Middle East

Studies in Honor of Amnon Cohen


Edited by Eyal Ginio and Elie Podeh

This collection of articles discusses various political, social, cultural and economic aspects of the Ottoman Middle East. By using various textual and visual documents, produced in the Ottoman Empire, the collection offers new insights into the matrix of life during the long period of Ottoman rule. The different parts of the volume explore the main topics studied by Amnon Cohen: Ottoman Palestine, Egypt and the Fertile Crescent under Ottoman rule, Ottoman Jews and their relations with the surrounding societies and various social aspects of Ottoman societies.


Edited by Mardin

Cultural Transitions in the Middle East deals with the interlacing of themes constitutive of traditional cultures and world-views in the Middle East with concepts and outlooks that have originated in the modern Western World. A number of Muslim thinkers who are indigenous products of the Middle East cultural setting have now begun to use some of the forms of modern Western literature and social thought. Conversely, some intellectuals trained in modern secular schools have attempted to reevaluate their Islamic heritage. The papers cover aspects of this subtle interpenetration which has not been explored to date.

Middle East Law and Governance

An Interdisciplinary Journal

Edited by Janine A. Clark

Middle East Law and Governance (MELG) is a peer-reviewed venue for scholarly analysis on issues of governance and social change in the Middle East and North Africa region. Filling a gap in the academic literature, MELG tackles with breadth and depth compelling governance issues generally, and in the Middle East specifically. The journal addresses interested readers in academia, government, and the civil society sector. MELG brings a global commitment to path-breaking scholarship and draws on the expertise and leadership of editorial and advisory boards of respected faculty and scholars from around the world.
The journal welcomes research that explores law, society, and/or governance topics, broadly construed. The MELG’s interdisciplinary approach is meant to attract scholars from a wide range of disciplines (anthropology, economics, history, political science, religious studies, and so on). Though a journal with a regional focus, MELG provides a forum for those interested in governance as a point of intersection or a point of departure in their research. The MELG is broad in scope, discussing issues of critical importance to the Middle East without presupposing conceptual, analytic or even geographic boundaries.
For more information, please contact Janine A. Clark.

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