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Victoria Nolte

the many ways diasporas relate to each other through parallel knowledges, creative practices, and experiences. 12 By comparing these installations, I argue for writing the histories of Asian Canadian art through the concept of minor transnationalism , a global–local formulation that brings

Articles Looking in Stereo: School Photography, Interracial Intimacy, and the Pulse of the Archive  19 Nadine Attewell Asianfail in the City: Michael Cho’s Shoplifter  45 Eleanor Ty Asian Canadian Minor Transnationalism: A Method of Comparison  65

Glenn Deer, Christopher Lee and Marissa Largo

parts of human bodies: lips, torsos, stomachs, suggesting the way people are cut up for commercial purposes in contemporary capitalist culture.” A critical minor transnational perspective on visual disruption and “rupture” circulates in the work of Victoria Nolte, who considers Howie Tsui’s multimedia

At the Margins of the Minor

Rethinking Scalarity, Relationality, and Translation

Andrea Bachner

emerge only as the margin to a center, as a major tradition’s minor sidekick. The thrust of the edited volume Minor Transnationalism seeks to undo some of these shortcomings of the paradigm of minority. In the introduction, the editors of the volume, Shu-mei Shih and Françoise Lionnet, contest the

Thomas Lamarre

situations is surely essential to the task of engaging and reckoning with the contemporary ethics and politics of media. 1 One noteworthy exception is Lionnet and Shih’s (2005) Minor Transnationalism , whose introduction and contributions strive to address noninternational, effectively

Cultural Margins, Hybrid Scripts

Bigraphism and Translation in Taiwanese Indigenous Writing

Andrea Bachner

). For Taiwanese Indigenous writing, such a rearticulation of marginality in English might start by paying attention to and targeting specific, strategic transcultural networks that break down the deceptive unity of the global. One such venue, in the key of a minor transnationalism (Lionnet and Shih

Andrea Cabajsky

’ études acadiennes, 2005, 147- 71. Leclerc, Catherine. “In Conversation: Catherine Leclerc and Robert Majzels.” Lemon Hound . 27 Sep. 2013. Web. 13 Jan. 2017. Lionnet, Françoise and Shu-mei Shi. “Introduction: Thinking Through the Minor; Transnationally.” In Minor Transnationalism , ed. Françoise Lionnet


Passages à l’acte: Political and Textual Violence in Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures


Julin Everett

into the trap of reading postcolonial African writers through a European center. 33 In Minor Transnationalism Françoise Lionnet and Shu-mei Shih argue that “minor cultures as we know them are products of transmigrations and multiple encounters, which imply that they are always already mixed, hybrid

Nadine Attewell

Press , 2015 . Lionnet Françoise , and Shih Shu-mei , eds. Minor Transnationalism . Durham : Duke University Press , 2005 . Lowe Lisa . “ The Intimacies of Four Continents .” In Haunted by Empire: Geographies of Intimacy in North American History

Chris Berry

refer to small budget diasporic and exilic cultural formations of the type referred to by Lionnet and Shih ( 2005 ) as “minor transnationalism” that connects the margins without going through the centre. It can refer to cultural texts that challenge national identity or it can refer to the consumption