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a formidable challenge for effectively preventing the introduction of Bsal , or subsequently managing a disease outbreak (Canessa et al., 2018). The development of effective mitigation strategies and measures, therefore, is crucial to maintaining amphibian biodiversity both globally and locally

In: Amphibia-Reptilia
Authors: Jeremiah Bohr and Brian Dill

are unlikely to serve as models for those currently seeking to mitigate global carbon emissions. Cost remains the most obvious objection, and economic models that were successful in guiding acid rain market mechanisms have set the standard for thinking about carbon mitigation in terms of efficiency

In: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
Author: Claudia Caffi
This fourth volume in the Studies in Pragmatics (SIP) series is a fittingly solid, well-illustrated and theoretical account of Mitigation (as a form of Politeness). The main goal of this book is to present a new integrated pragmatic approach to communication. The approach has been called pragmatics of identity. It's major feature is that it aims at integrating pragmatic views (research on politeness, face-work, etc.) with insights from different research fields into an extended framework where psychological aspects of communication in context also can be taken into account.