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Valarie Thomas, Yu Wang, Pascale Van Rooij, Elin Verbrugghe, Vojtech Baláž, Jaime Bosch, Andrew A. Cunningham, Matthew C. Fisher, Trenton W.J. Garner, Maarten J. Gilbert, Elena Grasselli, Thierry Kinet, Arnaud Laudelout, Stefan Lötters, Adeline Loyau, Claude Miaud, Sebastiano Salvidio, Dirk S. Schmeller, Benedikt R. Schmidt, Annemarieke Spitzen-van der Sluijs, Sebastian Steinfartz, Michael Veith, Miguel Vences, Norman Wagner, Stefano Canessa, An Martel and Frank Pasmans

challenge for effectively preventing the introduction of Bsal , or subsequently managing a disease outbreak (Canessa et al., 2018). The development of effective mitigation strategies and measures, therefore, is crucial to maintaining amphibian biodiversity both globally and locally (Woodhams et al., 2011

Jeremiah Bohr and Brian Dill

are unlikely to serve as models for those currently seeking to mitigate global carbon emissions. Cost remains the most obvious objection, and economic models that were successful in guiding acid rain market mechanisms have set the standard for thinking about carbon mitigation in terms of efficiency


Claudia Caffi

This fourth volume in the Studies in Pragmatics (SIP) series is a fittingly solid, well-illustrated and theoretical account of Mitigation (as a form of Politeness). The main goal of this book is to present a new integrated pragmatic approach to communication. The approach has been called pragmatics of identity. It's major feature is that it aims at integrating pragmatic views (research on politeness, face-work, etc.) with insights from different research fields into an extended framework where psychological aspects of communication in context also can be taken into account.

Sungho Choi

history that began with Israel continues through until the final consummation of Parousia. This salvation is consistently corporate by nature in which all nations and, indeed, all creation is included. 4 Current Climate Change Mitigations through Theological Perspectives The causes of global

Larry Crump and Christian Downie

stakeholders operating in an environment with influential external actors, including non-governmental organizations, international organizations, transnational corporate associations and other actors. In fact, the primary mitigation negotiations – the un negotiations – involve 194 parties engaged in talks to

Geoffrey Scarre

Corrective Justice and Reputation G EOFFREY S CARRE * Department of Philosophy Durham University Durham, UK Courts of criminal jurisdiction commonly allow for mitigating circum- stances when determining the punishment of convicted wrongdoers. This paper looks at some of

Four Potential Meanings of Double Negation

The Pragmatics of nicht un-Constructions

Laura Neuhaus

of previous accounts of the figurative meaning of litotes is given (section 2). This leads to the detection of a system of four potential meanings for this construction (section 3), namely: denial, potential presumption denial, mitigation, and understatement. Their interconnection and interaction is

Roy H.A. van Grunsven, Raymond Creemers, Kris Joosten, Maurice Donners and Elmar M. Veenendaal

could have a substantial effect on the number off toads killed during migration. Furthermore the efficacy of tunnels for toads to safely cross roads might be influenced by streetlights. A possibility to mitigate effects of streetlights on migrating toads might be through spectral adjustment. The

Adina Moshavi

denying this proposition, the Israelites indirectly convey their refusal. The Rhetorical Question: Both Intensifier and Mitigator? The fact that rhetorical questions generally have a strengthening effect is widely recognized. 18 As compared to the equivalent declarative clause, the rhetorical

Benoit Mayer

1 Introduction China has become one of the most prominent actors in international cooperation on climate change mitigation. By contrast, international negotiations have often neglected to consider the unusual circumstances of certain autonomous subnational entities, such as China’s Special