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This paper examines the effect of Confucian cultural value on the relationship between multimarket contact and two dimensions of firm performance, i.e., firms’ innovation and profitability. It is hypothesized that firms with a high level of multimarket contact are more likely to show mutual forbearance towards their competitors, which in turn influences their innovative behavior and financial performance. Taking into account the possible moderating effects of Confucian cultural value, we also hypothesize that the effect of multimarket contact is more pronounced among firms from the Confucian culture. In other words, it is argued that firms from the Confucian culture are more likely to innovate and obtain better financial performance. Empirical tests were conducted after the hypotheses, and the findings support the arguments on multimarket contacts and mutual forbearance hypotheses. Through facilitating tacit collusion, multimarket contact does seem to help create superior economic performance.

In: Frontiers of Business Research in China

case of violation is probably the most appropriate. The better arguments (inducement to comply) argue in favour of retroactive remedies, but see also some valid counter-arguments advanced by Lawrence, supra note 20. 38 D.B. Bernheim and M. Whinston, “Multimarket Contact and Collusive Behavior”, rand

In: Permutations of Responsibility in International Law