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Brach, Jean-Pierre

Number symbolism, also known as the qualitative approach to number and mathematical objects in general, constitutes a universal cultural phenomenon and has existed from time immemorial. As such, it must be envisaged strictly apart from the so-called “numerology” which has emerged as its


A R T I C L E S JUNG AH KIM (Urbana, IL, USA) NUMBER SYMBOLISM I N THE STORY O F SONYA Among the many symbols in the Bible, numbers play an important role both thematically and structurally. Exegetes from antiquity to the present have studied the symbolic meaning o f numbers in the Bible. As

Israel Knohl

, number symbolism The use of symbolic numerical patterns of words in the Book of Psalms was recently pointed out by Casper Labuschagne. 1 I have been working on an analysis of several biblical songs outside the Book of Psalms. Studying the numerical architecture of these poems has revealed the poets

Christian H. Bull

The Theology of Arithmetic: Number Symbolism in Platonism and Early Christianity (Hellenic Studies 59). Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2013. 231 pp. isbn 9780674073302 (pbk.) In a memorable scene in Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco, two of the book’s protagonists, Belbo and

Stephen Clucas

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden,  DOI: 10.1163/156798910X520566 Contents articles Stephen Clucas, Pythagorean Number Symbolism, Alchemy, and the Disciplina Noua of John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 149 Peter J. Forshaw, Oratorium — Auditorium — Laboratorium

Number Symbolism...

Symbolic Scores

Studies in the Music of the Renaissance



Symbolic Scores is the first monograph on Renaissance music devoted to discussing more than 150 compositions which involve symbolism inspired by ideas and themes inherent in the musical culture of the time.
The introduction describes the historical and theoretical premises of the use of the terms 'allegory', 'sign', and 'symbol', and goes into the aspect of number symbolism as well as the aims, limits, and principles of musico-symbolical analysis. Other studies concentrate on Dufay and Josquin, deal with the symbolical application of soggetto ostinato and canon technique, or treat such themes as music for the dead and the Holy Virgin. The final study is about the conception of heavenly music and musical composition.
Symbolic Scores is finely illustrated and includes musical examples, and indices of compositions and names.

Mädler, Inken, Rebiger, Bill and Reymaier, Erich Konstantin

[German Version] Numerology (or number symbolism) is a central feature of all religions and cultures. The orderly structure of arithmetic serves as a model for observed or postulated relationships in space and time. The relationality or even harmony of numerology evokes meaning and order. The

Pasi, Marco

Westcott, William Wynn, * 17 Jan 1848 (Leamington), † 30 Jul 1925 (Durban) One of the most prominent British occultists of his time, Westcott wrote many essays on a wide range of esoteric topics such as arithmology [→ Number Symbolism] (Numbers: Their Occult Powers and Mystic Virtues, 1890

Brach, Jean-Pierre and Hanegraaff, Wouter J.

, cities, temples and court complexes; in the ways that the orders of gods, angels or demons are imagined; in systems of → number symbolism; and in various cosmologies, including notions of the human being...