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Israel Knohl

). 6 I now wish to present the general numerical structure inherent in the words numbers of the poem. I will preface my comments with two notes. The numerical structure is based upon the number of words in each of the stanzas. The claim that Biblical poetry employs stich word-counts as a symbolic

Israel Knohl

studied the numerical architecture of several biblical poems and found sophisti- cated use of the numerical structures of words and cola. It is possible that some of these numer- ical structures are based on numerical values of the letters of the names of God. If this is indeed the correct explanation of

Chaniotis, A., Corsten, T., Stroud, R.S. and Tybout, R.A.

(οήθει) υ(ἱὲ) (ἐκ) Μ(αρίας) γ(εννηθείς). Here as in the isopsephic text from Iasos, the faultless numerical structure conditions errors in orthography and grammar, which are handled as ‘legitimate literary tools’ (268), K. 1. π[ολ]λὰ πάθ{ι}η, IGLS; πολὰ πάθιμ ὑπέμινεν for πολλὰ παθεῖν ὑπέμεινεν

Jacob Bazak

scholars, though it has been mentioned here and there, namely, numerical structure. The ancients were sensitive to numbers and measures and their relationships. From Plato onwards, measure, proportion and har- mony were considered the main constituents of beauty The view held was that beauty is a question

Casper Labuschagne

compensates for it. Psalm 91 is made up of 16 verselines and 112 words, which divide into two parts: vs. 1-8 Canto I 8 verselines, with 56 (8 × 7) words vs. 9-16 Canto II 8 verselines, with 56 (8 × 7) words. The numerical structure is clearly regulated by the number of fullness, 7, which may be explained as

believe that B. did not count the trimeters until after he had finished work on the text, but once he had counted them, he was 468 forced to stick by his original decisions; otherwise his numerical structure would have collapsed. This is not my only objection. One may well ask why 860-883 are taken

C.J. Labuschagne

Pentateuch and to invite scholars to address themselves to the study of the numerical structures in this corpus. I did not pretend to have registered everything in detail, nor to have spoken the last word on the subject. As a matter of fact I am fully 408 aware of the shortcomings and omissions in this

J. Smit Sibinga and M.J.J. Menken

numerical structures suggest, I think, that in telling this story Luke wants to present Jesus as the compassionate benefactor of the mother rather than as a performer of mighty acts-a sugges- tion which other approaches to the story tend to confirm." l 4. The parable of the good Samaritan is part of a

Stephen Rojcewicz

Reality, the Two Modalities and Two Domains of Intentionality, the Two Tours, the Three Modalities of Symbolisation, the Three Dimensions of the Symbolic Function, the Three Pathological Structures, the Two Traditions of Intersubjectivity, etc. Such a focus on numerical structure may help with mnemonics


Bernard McGinn

conviction that God controls salvation history, the concordist seeks to show that there is a deep and often numeric structure to the history that unfolded before Christ, the events of Christ’s life and the early Church as described in the New Testament, and what was to follow down to the Second Coming