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; ontology of accidents; condicio-theory of accidents Introduction In his commentary on Aristotle’s Physics Nicole Oresme (c. 1320-1382) pro- pounds a very specific theory of the ontological status of accidents. The term “condicio” is highly characteristic of Oresme’s terminology in denoting the ontological

In: Vivarium
Author: St. Kirschner

Nicole Oresme , in: Arabic Sciences and Philosophy, 8 (1998), 45-65. Oresme expounds his ontology of accidents for the Ž rst time in Qu. I.5, where he discusses whether “ens” is said univocally of substances and accidents. There are presented three major opinions on the nature of accidents, the third

In: Vivarium
Author: Geoffrey Gorham

imaginary as a numbering or measure but real as successive motion, is modeled on Hobbes’ explicit distinction between imaginary and real space. But it also conforms to his more generally ambivalent conception of the ontology of accidents. As Leijenhorst has observed, Hobbes presents a “curious two

In: Hobbes Studies