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Author: Sylvie Loriaux

temporarily interrupts, or at least limits, the application of positive laws; in Kant, it appears in the form of a permissive law of practical reason, which temporarily postpones the application of natural right ( Naturrecht ) in order to make the original acquisition of property and territorial rights

In: Grotiana
Author: Ivo Cerman

Heinrich Peter Broichausen’s dissertation, Tolerantia exculpata . 31 This work confronted his Catholic colleagues with the question of permissions in law and ‘permissive laws’ ( leges permittentes ). 32 It was a question which was dangerous in terms of theory, as it argued that permissions are a

In: Grotiana
Author: Artaman, Ali

Throughout most of the twentieth century, the principal method of birth control in the former Soviet Union was abortion (Popov 1993). The reasons for this preference include permissive laws and the availability of state-supported medical facilities. The government's position on abortion varied over

). Obligations either command or forbid something, and interdictions have their origin in a prohibitive natural law ( lex naturalis prohibitiva ), while commands originate in a preceptive natural law ( lex naturalis praeceptiva ). 58 From these two laws it is possible to derive a permissive law ( lex

In: Danish Yearbook of Philosophy
Author: Cécile Laborde

illustrates a central claim of Liberalism’s Religion : that liberalism can accommodate a range of more or less restrictive and permissive laws about religious freedom, as long as they fall under the range of reasonable disagreement about liberal justice. But here is a key question. Would it be unreasonable

In: Secular Studies
Author: Roff

and Philosophy , 27: 599-641 (2008) p. 624. 51 Kant’s permissive law could be invoked here to justify the possible use of coercion of states into a state of states. While this might seem directly at odds with Kant’s writings in Perpetual Peace , I contend that not all coercion is off -limits. I believe

In: Global Responsibility to Protect
Author: Esther Eshel

., p. 83b. 13 Such as Kellermann who claimed that all the laws of the Book of the Priests include the resident aliens, whether specified or not. See D. Kellermann, "¡1:¡ gur," TDOT 2.439-49. 6 R. Ishmael and R. Akiba (are in dispute). R. Ishmacl says that this is a case of a permissive law arising

In: Dead Sea Discoveries
Author: Howard Williams

strict and permissive laws in the initial sections Perpetual Peace . This example neatly illustrates the way in which he wants to both absorb the natural law tradition and transform it. The three preliminary articles that are strict laws require that the abuses to which they refer cease immediately

In: Hobbes Studies

/2, 1985: 256. 6 Apud T. Mahmood, Family Planning: Th e Muslim Viewpoint , Vikas Publishing House, 1977: 27. H. S. Moinifar / Iran and the Caucasus 11 (2007) 299-314 302 permissive laws of Islam regarding family planning. Communal pro- grammes and population policies are spreading in Muslim countries

In: Iran and the Caucasus

other cases the permissive law of nature applies; there the sea is a thing common to all (res communis). 1637: Every country can take possession of its coastal waters. The question is simply how far territorial waters extend. (blz. 75). Lezing van het boekje roept intussen nog wel enige vragen op. Op

In: Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis / Revue d'Histoire du Droit / The Legal History Review