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Author: Judith Schäli
The open access publication of this book has been published with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

The massive accumulation of plastics in marine environments is one of the most pressing environmental concerns of our time. This book examines the relevant international legal framework applying to land-based sources of plastic pollution. Against the backdrop of the dynamics of recent policy formulation in this field, it outlines the main developments and provides a snapshot inventory of state obligations related to plastic pollution mitigation. The Mitigation of Marine Plastic Pollution in International Law identifies the main barriers and opportunities, and points out the possible building blocks of an enhanced regime.

-level decision making body on environmental issues, has adopted a series of resolutions concerning marine plastic pollution and microplastics beginning with its first session ( UNEA -1) in 2014. 7 The primary aim is to establish a comprehensive and strong global governance structure. Although these resolutions

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In: Chinese Journal of Environmental Law
Author: Judith Schäli

Marine plastic debris is a form of marine pollution that has been receiving increasing attention from international institutions in recent years. 423 So far, no global instrument is specifically tailored to the issue at stake. At an international level, marine plastic pollution is regulated in a

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In: The Mitigation of Marine Plastic Pollution in International Law

Introduction Marine plastic pollution ( MPP ) is a major problem that has escalated the global environmental crisis and has influenced debate among academics and policy-makers around the world about the most appropriate response to overcome it. Around 275 million tons of marine plastic waste

In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law

regional cooperation, there may be opportunities within UNCLOS itself to refine and clarify State commitments to address sources of plastic pollution. Assuming sufficient political will to make changes to UNCLOS to reflect cooperation around contemporary challenges, how might UNCLOS be amended to be

In: The Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law

management”. 27 5 Towards an International Treaty on Plastics in the Marine Environment Although it appears almost a theoretical exercise to suggest yet another international treaty, there are efforts underway to address the fragmentation and lack of global agreement to prevent plastic pollution by the

In: Asia-Pacific Journal of Ocean Law and Policy
Author: Talitha Ramphal

research. The purpose of The Ocean Cleanup by concentrating and collecting plastic in the waters is to clean up the ocean from plastic pollution. Scientific research is therefore not the principal aim of The Ocean Cleanup; 22 it is merely one of the means to achieve The Ocean Cleanup’s aim of removing

In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
Chapter 12 Eco-Conscious Community Development in Non-Formal Education

’s beaches and main roads are strewn with plastic waste, with far-reaching consequences. The World Bank (2012) estimates that Ghana loses $290 million US annually to poor sanitation. During rainy seasons especially, plastic pollution clogs drains, leading to public health crises. The 2014–15 cholera

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In: Curriculum and Learning for Climate Action

plastic pollution . — Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 37 : 295 - 303 . 10.3354/meps037295 Barnes , D.K.A. , Galgani , F. , Thompson , R.C. , Barlaz , M. , Barnes , D.K.A. , Galgani , F. , Thompson , R.C. & Barlaz , M. ( 2009 ). Accumulation and fragmentation of plastic debris in global

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In: Behaviour

-review-of-the-feasibility-study/ ; accessed 30 March 2019. 60 Agreement (n 10), Art 3.3. 61 Explanatory Notes to Article 3.3 (n 8). 62 See Preamble and e.g. Article 243 of the LOSC . This is a minimum requirement, ad-hoc meetings may be called for at any time. 63 See

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In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law