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1. Introduction First and foremost, we welcome the appearance of this symposium on our two books 1 for offering, in a journal dedicated to Marxism, debate over political economy from a variety of perspectives. The gathering together of these distinguished scholars is both gratifying and

In: Historical Materialism
Author: Roger Backhouse

1. Political economy and the history of economics Milonakis and Fine explain, in their opening sentence, that the essence of their book 1 is ‘political economy’. That is, I contend, entirely correct – indeed, it is more correct than they may intend it to be. When they elaborate on this

In: Historical Materialism

.” 6 The field of international political economy ( IPE ) is similarly restless. For years, writers have expressed frustration with the seeming “irrelevance” of the field. What impact do our writings have? How can we bridge the gap between academic writings and the real world? Although these

In: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology