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Author: Nicholas Ross

and opposition political parties. 1 In these cases, armed groups were excluded from negotiations over most or all issues. This was possible due to the presence of significant international pressure on the one hand, and support on the other, to the level of violence, and to the relationships between

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Related data set “Political parties’ policy positions for the 2014 elections to the European Parliament” with doi in repository “ gesis datorium”. 1. Introduction Voting Advice Applications ( vaa s) are contemporary technological solutions that aim

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Russian Political Parties
A collection of books illustrating the broad array of political parties in the former Russian Empire

Collection based on the catalogue of an exhibition on the subject, held in 1990 at the State Historical Library in Moscow, illustrating the broad array of political parties in the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. The general literature concerns political life in the Russian empire and the activity of the Russian parliament ( Duma). Also included are documents of different political parties ranging from the extreme right (monarchists) to anarchist, social democrats and social-revolutionaries.
Author: Rustem Zalyaev

1 Introduction First of all, we will try to pose a scientific problem. The Russian Political Parties Act (Federal Law 95-FZ of 11 July 2001) stipulates requirements for the creation and activity of political parties, namely requirements concerning the number of members of political parties

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